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  • The Lady and Her Smoke

  • What is the Importance of Microbes in our Lives?

  • From a Motor Mechanic to a Celebrated Poet: The Wondrous Journey of Gulzar

  • The Twilight

  • Three Women and Their Passion to Excel: Women as Engines of Social Change – II

  • Elvis Presley: Understanding the Successes, Contradictions of the Foremost Musical Icon

  • Chicken Soup and Chocolate Pie

  • Understanding Human Antagonism: A Psychoanalytical Perspective – III

  • Understanding Human Antagonism: A Psychoanalytical Perspective – II

  • Understanding Human Antagonism: A Psychoanalytical Perspective – I

  • Is India Protecting Religious Sensitivity at the Cost of Freedom of Expression?

  • Mass Litigation: How Courts Confront its Complexities Worldwide!

They Quit Lucrative Jobs in the US to Realise the American Dream in Koklata

Rita’s husband was the director of IT for a leading food company. She had started her communications consulting company after their son was born. They had a lovely home in Florida. Rita and her husband quit their high-paying jobs, moved back to Kolkata, India, from Florida, US, to start a social enterprise in healthcare. After the initial glitz […]

A New Morning

Anoucheka welcomes the dawn, the beginning of a new morning, evocatively in this verse, for Different Truths. A fresh morning With a new born sun With droplets of dew on flowers and leaves With birds chirping, fresh from a night of peace With fairies bidding Earth goodbye, after having spent a night dancing With the moon […]

Energy Policy of India has Global Impact

India is on the verge of a huge quantitative and qualitative energy transition. Given the vast size of its population and economy it’s crucial for the rest of the world. An Energy business school is being set up. A four-day programme, in mid-November, in Mumbai, will address energy issues. A report. The energy choices of India may decide […]

Is India the Guru of Mathematical Astronomy and Mathematics?

Ashoka briefly describes some of the characteristics of the medieval Indian ´as¯stra of jyoti. sa. This discipline concerned matters included in such Western areas of inquiry as astronomy, mathematics, divination, and astrology. In fact, the jyoti. s¯is, the Indian experts in jyoti. sa, produced more literature in these areas – and made more mathematical discoveries – than scholars in any other […]

Army Life in Tea Gardens: Where Elephant Herds Robbed and Leopards Prowled

From the deserts we moved to the eastern part of the vast Indian land. Each state has such diversity that one never ceases to be goggle eyed at the alluring span of culture. The clothes, the food, the climate and the vegetation, change every few miles. This one was a field posting in the tea gardens in Bagrakote, […]

Smoking Kills the Youth, their Dreams, Desires and Hopes!

A 14-year teenager, Minesh, opens our eyes to the grim dangers of smoking and chewing tobacco. In his passionate and emotional appeal, he calls for complete ban on the manufacture and sale of cigarettes and Zarda (tobacco for chewing). He spells out the dangers of tobacco, and appeals to his peers to think about the father and the […]

Depression and Reason

A dark poem, by Vatsala, deals with the pertinent problems of depression and suicidal tendencies. A slice of light is the victory of reason, a hope that dispels the dark clouds, in this verse, in Different Truths. In my 20’s, I have played an impulsive game many times, “Whether I slash my wrists or jump off a […]

Akashganga: Cosmogony and Mythology – I

The birth and creation of Akashganga: The Indian Air Force Skydiving Team is a long story of about forty years in the annals of sport parachuting. To the uninitiated the story of military paratrooping shall reveal the hidden seeds of the birth of sport parachuting in the subsequent episodes. Sunil always wanted to put pen to paper to […]

Deaths changed his Heart and he became a Tibetan Rights Activist

Eswar talks about the suddenness and finality of death. He shares a slice of his life, where he saw critical patients being wheeled in the hospital. He talks about his grandmother, who held his hands and talked to him and then the news of her death reaches him or a person sharing his grief with the writer. After […]

Energy Sapped

Elsy talks about the many struggles of women in this verse. An evocative poem exclusively for Different Truths. Hard work in the yard left her energy sapped. She lay drained, like a chewed cane stick, entreating the Powers to reanimate her. Before long, vigor trickled back into her, like water oozing into pump-dried well. Energised, she […]

Three Asanas in Sitting Poses and Bhastrika Pranayama for Stress Free Life

Our Yoga expert, Navodita, shows up some sitting poses, after the standing ones. The three Asanas that she details are: Paschimottana Asana, Janusirsa Asana and Sava Asana. She tells us about the therapeutic effects of these poses. The Bhastrika Pranayama, enhances the beneficial effects. The columnist also gives valuable tips about our life, in the weekly column, […]

A Modest Auto Driver, Narayan, Dreams Big!

Shail profiles a reticent, young auto driver, Narayan. He is soft-spoken and has good values. Though doing a small job, he has his eyes set of the goals of his life. And he is working hard to attain them. Ordinary people often face their daily hardships but some like Narayan remain focussed. Here’s an interesting account of a […]

Confessions of a Un-victim

People are increasingly becoming small, self-centred and conceited. Here’s a protest poem by Aprajita, a take on social issue, in Different Truths. Ghastly screech travelled through my porous walls last night My neighbour’s daughter was a victim of plight A testosterone volcano forced his way into her innocence And cadaverised her cheerfulness of life. A brief […]

The Lady and Her Smoke

In this article, Rhiti traces the trends of women and smoking* over the years in Indian, American, and general global scenario. If we look back at ancient Indian history, women have always smoked hookahs and pots although in closed quarters. Smoking in public was never an option. In Japan during the Edo Period, prostitutes and their clients would […]

Guruvayur: Divine Abode of Sri Krishna Created by the Gods

Guruvayurappan came to Guruvayur from Dwarka carried by Guru Brihispati on the wings of the wind God Vayu. Hence the name ‘Guruvayur’. A ‘Purna Swarup’ manifestation of Vishnu but worshipped as an infant Krishna, it was Sri Krishna himself who ordered the Guru before His death – to salvage the idol that came floating on the waves after […]

How Seema Combatted the Evil!

Are our children safe? Young girls are more vulnerable to the diabolical plans and evil designs of men in our society. These evil doers have many faces. Sunita tells us about a real life incident that’s fictionalised. In this story, the protagonist, uses her presence of mind to escape. Find out what did Seema do? […]

The Race

Diwkar takes a tongue-in- cheek look at the society, where flattery matters, in this verse, in Different Truths. The crux of the matter, Is only to flatter, The world shines at bay, In search of who’s better? Better is love and care, Like a rainbow, a blissful layer, Oh, Did I miss the point, Yes, I […]

The House of the Dead

Madhumita, a non-believer, did not believe in gods or ghosts, nor did she subscribe to religion. She met her friend from another city and as they were catching up on their lives, she tells the writer a stranger story. It was about an eerie dream. A voice speaking to her friend. She also saw the beautiful cottage […]

Supreme Court: Landmark Verdict against Police Excesses

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) made a strong pitch for immediate passage of Prevention of Torture Bill in Upper House of Indian Parliament, saying it is urgent to ensure that extracting information through torture is declared illegal. Addressing a conference organised by PVCHR and DIGNITY: Danish Institute against Torture, on July 12, 2012, NHRC Chairperson K G Balakrishnan […]

Lost Moments / A Caring Heart

Here are two poems by Shalini. In Lost Moments, she points out the futility of debates when we should pause and admire its beauty instead. Her second poem, A Caring Heart, decries the senseless violence that has gripped our times. Lost Moments The moon is on the move Between you and me Between you and […]

Colour me Wild, says my Inner Child!

Our Fashion specialist, Neeti, takes us into the interesting childlike world of colour. She explains the inner meaning of myriad colours, thereby helping us connect with its very soul. Our columnist explains the enigma of colours, the life-force of the Fashion industry, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Now that you all got the basics right, […]

Rasgulla: The Iconic Bengali Sweet

Fish-rice, sweets and Durga Puja define Bengalis. No matter in which part of the world they are, they cannot do without these. Rasgulla has been the iconic Bengali sweet. Puja and Rasgulla go hand in hand. With the Puja round the corner, Sarika talks about the joys of Bengalis and Rasgulla. How amazing that something so simple could […]

You are who your Friends are!

The old adage, ‘Birds of feather flock together’ comes to mind. Almost everything in our life is given, the family, our kin, neighbours, etc. But, we have the power to choose our friends. The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards. They either help us to become the best version of ourselves or encourage […]

Technological Advances in Medical and Healthcare Industry Ensure our Longevity

In this article Pradipta talks about some of the technological advances in the medical and health care industry, which have revolutionised how doctors, nurses and hospitals take care of patients. The author also takes a look in the emerging trends in this sector and what the future holds for us, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. […]

The Harvest

The labour of love never goes waste. It is always blessed with fruition. Michelle, our columnist, and her partner, Md. Kaushik put their shoulders to the wheel. Against all odds, they rescued and rehabilitated street children, in Gazipur, in Bangladesh. They took measures to make their benevolent project self-reliant. A building and a farm they acquired bloomed with […]

Talking with a Phantom

Intense loneliness of a mother, pining for her son, in distant land, the USA, has been captured beautifully in this evocative verse by Sunil. Hullo! Yes…Sid? Hullo? How are you? Mama calling, my dear boy. Cannot you recognise my voice? Yes? Oh! Happy? Yes, me too. Hearing your voice…after so long. So, how is my daughter-in- […]

A Letter from America: Ground Zero in Chelsea

Our columnist, Robert Brenner and his wife, Johanna Climenko, stay at Chelsea, very near Ground Zero. In the international media, ‘Chelsea Explosions’ and terror attack in the US is debated and talked about. The author gives us first-hand account of what had happened. One bomb had exploded. Another bomb had been discovered on 27th  Street between 6th  and 7th […]

The Pecksniffian Reality of Indian Contemporary Politics

The political formations here have almost everything in common except the proper names. Therefore, it is supremely disingenuous when they attempt to slug it out on the television portraying the other as the incarnation of devil and themselves as repository of all that is honourable. That to any discerning observer is the biggest fraud that can ever be […]

Fun, Frolic, Magic-n- Mystery Mingled like Splendorous Peacock Plumes at Alwar

The posting at Alwar excited Lily as she had heard of the daunting forts and quaint gullies and bazaars of the towns of Rajasthan, brimming forth textiles and crafts. Alwar was known as the Tiger Gate of Rajasthan. It was the erstwhile kingdom of Kuchhwaha Rajputs in the Royal colourful state of Rajasthan, midway between the national capital New […]

How do Lonesome Teenagers Battle the World of Wolves and Sheep?

Teenage is the twilight of our lives. It’s the turning point that make or mar us. Often teenagers have to leave their home and hearths, their security bubble and comfort zones. They have to leave their nests and go to a distant land, where they have to battle it alone. How should they separate the chaff from the […]