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  • In Pursuit of an Elusive Akhand Bharat

  • One Less Ma

  • Diplomatic Struggle of India against Racial Apartheid[1] in South Africa and its Contemporary Hypocrisy on Human Rights

  • Lord Archibald Fenner Brockway: An Englishman with an Indian Soul

  • Dangerous Portends of Agenda-Driven Verdicts: Justice Must be seen to be done for Credibility

  • Is Subramanian Swamy the Enoch Powell of Indian Politics!

  • Prof. Birbal Sahni: The Father Figure of Paleobotany in Asia

  • Democracy in Danger: FRCA Amended Retrospectively; Has India that is Bharat Already Lost the Plot

  • The Game of Life and Death…

  • A Felt-Need to Refound the Universities That Failed us

German Industry Divided on Links with Iran: Social Democrats, Left Hit by Factional Fights

Reading Time: 5 minutesOnly days after Netanyahu’s press conference attack on Iran, Trump tore up the U.S. copy of the Iran nuclear agreement. Only hours after that Israel launched its heaviest missile strike in Syria since 1973, with a reported 28 warplanes hitting Iranian sites south, north and east of Damascus, including a munitions warehouse at the capital’s […]


Neither Khaki-Knicker nor Coloured Boxers Fit: Question Mark Over Fitness of Government Itself

Reading Time: 3 minutesRathore’s challenge was ill-timed. He should have also known that the information and broadcasting portfolio he recently took independent charge of is jinxed. I&B ministers invariably land in trouble. Their tongues loosen and their tweets go wild, viral-like Nipah! Smriti Irani got kicked out for being overly confident and now Rathore. Both in a way […]


ESI Model a Better Alternative to Ayushman Bharat

Reading Time: 3 minutesPublic health activists have been demanding that health should become an important political agenda and an issue of public debate. However, the Prime Minister successfully used the issue of stent price reduction during Bihar elections even though the prices were not brought down by the government. This was done after a court order in a […]


AIBEA Calls for 48-Hour Strike on May 30 and 31

Reading Time: 2 minutesBank employees and officers’ wage revision is due since November 11, 2017. Finance Ministry had advised Bank management and Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) to complete the discussions well in advance and release the revised wages with effect from November 1, 2017. A report, for Different Truths.  Ten Lakh bank employees are to go on 48-hour […]


How to Settle Down in Your New Job?

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn whatever position you join, you need to understand that you were hired basis your competencies and because someone felt, that you are the right person for the job and most probably you are being paid at least 20% more than the person you are replacing. You also need to understand that you are expected […]


Beguni and Aam er Chatni: The Perfect Companion to Khichuri – II

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn the second part of Bengali comfort food, Anumita, our Managing Editor, shares the recipes of Beguni and Aam er Chatni, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. With the comfort food of khichuri, there is a need for its favorite side dishes. Salty Beguni and sweet Chatni make the perfect combination.   All […]


Feather Touch

Reading Time: 1 minuteAn evocative poem about the dynamics of creation, by Elsy, exclusively for Different Truths. The smoothness of a quill, that spells out marvels in words, like the feather touch of a babe’s soft fingers, can soften even the hardest in the heart. The quill doles out pure dream-ware, living thoughts in living words, from the […]


Cop and Copper are the Villains of Thoothukudi

Reading Time: 3 minutesTamil Nadu’s AIADMK chief minister Palanisamy says the ‘opposition in Tamil Nadu’ is to blame and he places Tamil Makkal Maiyam founder actor Kamal Haasan in the opposition camp, rubbing shoulders with MK Stalin of the DMK. FIRs have been lodged against both Haasan and Stalin for breaking a number of laws, including Section 144 […]