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  • Paedophilia and Incest: The Dark Horrors of Hapless Children within Homes

  • The Role of Physics in the Making of 21st Century

  • A Cheesy Story: When Food Meets Fashion!

  • The Blue Ambassador Car

  • The Secret of being Amma

  • The Lady and Her Smoke

  • What is the Importance of Microbes in our Lives?

  • From a Motor Mechanic to a Celebrated Poet: The Wondrous Journey of Gulzar

  • The Twilight

  • Three Women and Their Passion to Excel: Women as Engines of Social Change – II

  • Elvis Presley: Understanding the Successes, Contradictions of the Foremost Musical Icon

  • Chicken Soup and Chocolate Pie

Diwali Special Issue of Different Truths

We, at Different Truths (DT), shall publish a Diwali Special on Oct 30, this year. We apologise for the late announcement. Caught up with several administrative works, we overlooked it. The fault is totally ours. We are sure that despite a slender deadline, our talented authors/contributors, columnists, poets, et al shall come up with brilliant entries. […]

Why Einstein Struggled with Religion?

The primacy of young Albert’s First Paradise came to an abrupt end. As he put it early in his “Autobiographical Notes,” through reading popular science books he came to doubt the stories of the Bible. Thus, he passed first through what he colourfully described as a “positively fanatic indulgence in free thinking.” But then he found new […]

Meerut: Life in the Second Largest Cantonment Replete with History and Camaraderie

Meerut was the place where the first rumblings of rebellion against the British started in 1857. Soldiers of the Bengal Cavalry were given cartridges that were covered with paper, smeared with animal fat that had to be torn off with the teeth. When orders were given to fire the Enfield cartridges, 85 out of the 90 men refused. […]

The Right Approach to Life

Here’s an inward looking poem, where Anoucheka tries to search the meaning of life. Pray, if life is meant to be as it is Why should we fight it? Why should we renounce it? Why should we fear it? Why should we hate it? Should we not indulge in it rather? Are we not governed […]

Akashganga: Do You Have it in You? – IV

  Freefall had moved on from the ungainly and rather rigid spread-eagle position to “stable frog position” and onto body-acrobatics in the air. Skydivers were not so often to be seen on tree tops or thatched huts anymore. They were able to steer canopies with commendable skill backed up by a calculated release from computed points from […]

Made in China: Are we Funding a Brutal Regime by buying Chinese Products?

One of the most important elements used to power the mobile phones – Lithium is found in abundance in a region, which China claims its own – Tibet! Post illegal occupation of Tibet, China has got access to the abundant natural resources that Tibet is known for and has been exploiting it like crazy for its own economic, […]


An intense and poignant verse that laments the urbanisation. Songbirds are the romanticism, hope and light of our lives, feels Geethanjali. The afternoon fritters down in its crusty bronze brunch spread, Sprinkling appetizer dreams on fields of hope that stretch on the browns and greens, And scurrying feet feed in its aroma that smog the drooling […]

Five Asanas for Perfect Mind and Body Balance

Our Yoga expert, Navodita, tells us about five sitting and twisting poses to tone your belly, fix your digestion and relieve you of some lower back tension. Bharadwaj Asana, named after a seer, helps relieve stress and improves digestion. The Paripurna Nava Asana strengthens the abdomen and spine. It stimulates the kidney, thyroid and prostate glands and intestines, […]

Rani: A Lonesome Cobbler Woman of Chennai, Forsaken and Forlorn!

Twenty years ago, 60-year- old Rani Perumal, a native of Chennai was thrown out, mercilessly, on the road, by her daughter. She did not want her mother in her life anymore. Her married daughter, with children, was having an affair. She was cast away because her mother objected to her wayward life. With nowhere to go, she wandered […]

Poor Iron Will

In this verse, Elsy takes an example of a little speck of iron that could not escape the attraction of a Big Magnet. Here’s an evocative love poem, in Different Truths. The little speck of iron, which always dwelt serene, was gliding real smooth in its own safe orbit. Then came the Big Magnet with a […]

Paedophilia and Incest: The Dark Horrors of Hapless Children within Homes

One in six boys and one in four girls face sexual molestation before they hit the age of 11, scary right? Also of all the cases that are reported, 70% assault is from a member of a family or a person known to the family, like a neighbour or a friend or a distant relative. So by […]

A True Crime Story: The Price of Pleasure

It was late in the night. In the adjacent bay, in an air conditioned compartment, of a Bangalore-Lucknow train, two men were discussing the narrow escape that they had in a cathouse. Arindam asked them for the details. They were reluctant and embarrassed. Once convinced that their identities would not be revealed, they agreed to speak to this […]

Toronto: The Enchanting Getaways of Canada

Travel with Anumita into the many enchanting getaways and tourist delights of Canada. The Lion Safari Park in Hamilton is a 700-acre land with almost 1000 animals of different species. Lions basking in the sun, giraffes poking their heads at the windows, and curious ostriches were the highlights. The Ontario Royal Museum, one of the largest in North […]

The Bride of Death

Life is full of strange surprises. It’s rightly said that facts are stranger than fiction. The protagonist, Anita, found acceptance of her love with Shubho perhaps a little too late. Here’s an interesting story, by Madhumita, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Anita could no way be consoled. I sat in her bedroom, on […]

Being a Desi in America

America has been the crucible, a veritable melting pot, of many cultures. The south Asian community – Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans – are the Desis. They pride in their spices and the Bollywood numbers. They are the math, science and the spelling bee genius breeding species. Food is their focal point, the essential soul of all […]


Here’s an evocative, woman-centric poem by Sudeshna, for Different Truths. How honourable is thy honour? Is it something found in a corner? So let the candle burn in a glow Let the fire simmer to a low Oh! Girl you chose the easy way out Flaunt your beauty to the louts Ill equipped to deal […]

Green is the New Black: Be the Voice of Nature

Organic clothing is not just for the elite, or fashionable or high-end clientele, but for everyone who recognises the need of sustainability, and appreciates the fact that eco-friendly clothing is best for the skin. Many brands today are offering a wide range of organic clothing from chic, trendy fashion to colourful ethnic, elegant sarees, to infant clothing. Everyone […]

Mutton Xacuti: Brings Alive the Warm Sands and Breezy Coconut Trees of Goa

Here’s a dish that brings alive the ambiance of the coastal state, Goa. Its food usually has ingredients like coconut and dry red chili. Mutton Xacuti uses Kashmiri Chilli, which adds a new dimension to the whole dish. One mouthful of it and you can feel the warmth of the sand and the breeze of the coconut […]

Everything Changes Once Your Girlfriend Becomes a Wife!

Marriage is not the end of the ‘conquest’. It’s not the end of the road. Nikita opines that  many husbands fail to understand that the big houses, exotic vacations, and diamond rings didn’t win her over. Expensive gifts can never make a woman feel valuable. It is your affection towards her that made her fall in love with you. […]

For Whom the Language Speaks!

Mother tongues are forked or folded into father and sister tongues, spouse and lover tongues, friend and enemy tongues. Among bilinguals and multilinguals, language kinship is not restricted to the maternal. The philosopher George Santayana, who was born and raised in Spain, identified Spanish – his ‘mother’ tongue – with his father, and English – the language in which […]

Is your Home Safe from Child Abuse? – I

  The impact of abuses on a child can be permanent. A child is like clay and when (s)he is violently moulded into undesirable shapes, (s)he can break. His/her self-esteem, confidence, self-worth and trusting abilities suffer. The child may develop psychological problems later on in life if these are not resolved early. The stigma of seeing a psychologist […]

Technology Helped Learning for the Special Needs Children

A tablet was issued to the students and their education became part virtual and part pen and paper. It was huge transition for parents and for some children too. But most of the children, especially those with disabilities found it easier to participate in class activities. Those with physical disabilities did not need to write their answers. Software […]

Army Life in Dinjan: The Land of Fauna, Flora, Fear and Folklore

Dinjan, the Cantonment, was famous for its airfield. It was built by thousands of plantation labourers on an Assam tea plantation, in March 1942, due to the Japanese invasion of Burma. Just 45kms away from Dinjan is the large pulsating city of Dibrugarh. It is rich in flora and fauna. The Dibru-Saikhowa National Park is situated in the […]

Why is the Youth Caught in the Web of Intoxication to Become Adults?

The first and most vital problem of the teenagers is the risk of addiction. The overwhelming anxiety and unending thirst to taste new things be it alcohol, cigarette or drugs make them a victim of the intoxicating world, where there is nothing but failure. Often the push comes from peer pressure and tension in the academic, sporting […]


Meandering through despair, these poems seek hope and promise. An evocative poem by Martins, a young poet from Nigeria, for Different Truths. IN TRIAL TIMES Paddle! Paddle!! Paddle!!! Paddle your pirogue down the valley Even when your moment seems heavy Spring to life in tasteless tingling time Only the gritty nibbles with the rhythm Of time. […]

Akashganga: The Legend of the Fall-III

Having graduated and donned the Para Jump Instructors (PJI) brevets, they were trusted with the lives of all those brave paratroopers with maroon berets mostly of the Indian Army, who would grace the corridors of Paratroopers Training School (PTS).They were the gurus of Kaliyuga. Airborne training initiates and sustains a high standard of proficiency through repetition and time-proven techniques. The ability […]

Thukpa: A Soup with Historic Importance

In 1959, when His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama had to leave Tibet and travel to India seeking refuge, the members who accompanied him, which included his teachers, members of the Kashag, his family members including his mother, were asked not to carry anything. Dalai Lama’s mother had to dress like a man and had only carried a […]

Random Peek at Depression

Depression is a slow poison with no specific cure. Often with assimilation of model behaviour, it can help a person deal with it. Rather than having a dreaded view, Neelam expresses her feelings in this verse, in Different Truths. what oft delirium set of cafes, of poster arts a sketch seems so burlesque on edges starts the […]

Three Asanas for Poise and Calm

Our yoga expert, Navodita, tells us about three more sitting postures, Baddhakona Asana, Vir Asana and Padma Asana. These help in attaining poise and calm. The asanas help us realise holistic health, says our columnist, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. As it’s that time of the week to again get your adrenalin rush going, […]

Clarence John: A Bike Repairman, Wayward to Devout Christian

A native of Chennai, 51-year-old Clarence John has been running a bike repair shop on the pavement for the past 20 years. He was wayward, would drink heavily but later he changed. A devout Roman Catholic, his bike repair shop, looks more like a shrine. Shail profiles the life of a faceless person, on the streets, in […]