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  • Three Women and Their Passion to Excel: Women as Engines of Social Change – II

  • Honour Killing in Pakistan: Hundreds of Women Implicated, Murdered for Disgracing Family

  • Elvis Presley: Understanding the Successes, Contradictions of the Foremost Musical Icon

  • Chicken Soup and Chocolate Pie

  • Understanding Human Antagonism: A Psychoanalytical Perspective – III

  • Understanding Human Antagonism: A Psychoanalytical Perspective – II

  • Understanding Human Antagonism: A Psychoanalytical Perspective – I

  • Is India Protecting Religious Sensitivity at the Cost of Freedom of Expression?

  • Mass Litigation: How Courts Confront its Complexities Worldwide!

  • Is our Silence Perpetrating the Rape Culture?

  • Transgender in Pakistan: A Fatwa and Courts Grant Greater Rights and Dignity

  • Four Entrepreneurs Inspire to Fly with Broken Wings

Cosmology: Unravelling Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Other Secrets!

Over the past thirty years, there has been growing evidence that the expansion rate of the universe has been increasing with time. This result has shocked physics: the equivalent of throwing a ball upward and finding that gravity makes it accelerate away from the point of release. If general relativity is correct, this cosmic acceleration implies that most […]

My Enchanting Life as Young Bride and Young Mother in Picturesque Dalhousie

Lily recounts the intoxicating life of a young bride in beauteous Dalhousie – a picturesque hill town, built across five hills. It is dotted with Scottish and Victorian architecture. Beautiful churches and bungalows lend it a quaint old world charm. The gigantic snow laden Dhauladhar peaks stand guard like sentinels. She says that she could never forget her […]

When I die

It’s not just a death wish or an elegy for oneself, but the yearning to be loved ever after. Here is a soulful poem by Sunita exclusively for Different Truths. Today as my thoughts begin to fly, The day when I die, Burn me and bring my ashes home, As my soul wanders and roam. Dig […]

Street Food of Lahore: The Best Meal-Deal in Town!

The dream city of Lahore is known for its enticing food and if it is served under the shadows of historic grandeur the taste is enhanced with the add ons of the momentous ambiance and serenity. Set inside the famous “Taxali Gate” Walled City of Lahore — near the historic ensemble of Badshahi Mosque, Hazuri Bagh and Lahore Fort — […]

Life after Menopause

Menopause means cessation of menstruation. This occurs due of the decreasing levels of female sex hormones in the body. It is a retrospective diagnosis for a woman is said to have attained menopause only when she does not have periods for a year or more. It usually occurs between 44 -52 years of age, though, […]

Folklores and Beliefs Help Preserve Animals, Birds and Insects: Managing Biodiversity- III

The sages and seers of ancient India recognised the importance of animals. While laying down the mores of social codes, they ensured that ‘brotherhood’ status be given to animals and other creatures. And instead of sermonising about love all and share the planet with all creatures, they integrated this concept with daily mishmash life of the people in […]

Beyond a Point

A poem of hope that dispels all despondency by Elsy for Different Truths. Beyond a point, things get past caring. Who will water the saplings so lovingly tended? Who will feed the birds that come hopefully to the feeder? Who will bake cakes, blending love and chocolate, for visiting grand kids? Who will organise voices, […]

Retrobrowsings: Different Times for Different Truths

Neelum revisits an editorial by Anees Jung, in Youth Times, in October 1976. The author states that if last week’s column had occasionally felt like a strange journey into a dated past, this one might well be a fantasia of a future on another planet. Was it only forty years ago that something like this could appear as […]

Three Asanas and the Mystery of Chakra Dhyan Unraveled

Navodita, our Yoga expert, reveals the benefits of three asanas, Utthita Trikonasana, which stimulates the region around the abdomen making digestion quicker and faster. It is also very good for the spine. The second, Ardhachandrasana, which also improves digestion and is a good stress buster. Lastly, Utthita Parsvakona Asana that by maintaining the balance and poise, this helps in […]

Lakshmi Slogged in a tea Kiosk, Educated Children, Bought two Houses

Surmounting many odds, 40-year- old Lakshmi, helped her husband manage the wayside tea kiosk. Two helper boys were fudging accounts. They were thrown out and she put her shoulder to the wheel to help her husband run it efficiently. The couple slogged. The kiosk would open at 4.30am and would remain open till 10.30pm. They take turns to […]

A Flaming Saga of a Soul on Fire

In this evocative verse Mamta depicts the pain and agony of women. A dark poem with a ray of light, a slice of hope, at the end. Grief familiar soul Sets herself ablaze A tiny match box and a big can of kerosene Her spirit snuffed earlier than the actual demise  She moaned for long Sepsis […]

Deepa, a Shotput and Javelin Champion, in Paralympics for the Differently Abled

After the Rio Olympics, another landmark athletic event is scheduled next week, the Paralympics, where our differently abled demonstrate their prowess. Deepa Malik braved through several surgeries of her spine and when doctors gave her little time, she took to sports. She is a champion shot putter and javelin thrower. She has also won medals in discuss and hammer throwing […]

Three Women and Their Passion to Excel: Women as Engines of Social Change – II

Fired by fierce passion and never-say- die attitude made simple next-door girls, achievers. They are gutsy and spunky. Maya profiles three such women, a dog trainer who broke the glass ceiling and take up a career despite rebukes; a Chemistry teacher who tried her hand in fashion designing without formal training and a spunky doctor making her mark […]

A Weekend Trip to Poland and a Lonesome Birthday in a Beautiful Land

Wanderlust Abhijit decides to spend a weekend in Poland. He wanted to see and feel the beautiful eastern European country’s capital, Warsaw, all on his own. A casual chat with a Russian girl made him visit Krakow, known for its beauty. He was trigger happy, shooting pictures as the guide talked about the place’s history. He had a […]

Our Lords and Masters

A hard-hitting protest poem by Nigerian poet, Olaitan. They chorus with their tongues Beneath their jaws: ‘We will fight For your peace’ Behind covered doors, They scrabble our pains, Unclad the nudity  Of our sufferings. Every morning,  Our ears taste  The noise of their chatters. Behind curtains are their manifestos Harvested, sieved, cooked, fried  And […]

Rape: How to Prevent and Find Solution to this Menace?

Ninety three women are raped in India every day according to the National Crime Records Bureau data. Rape strips the woman and her family of dignity. It’s an unending torture. Amit suggests, based on hard facts, that two steps could largely mitigate the problem in India. Firstly, there is an urgent need of sex education in schools, […]

A Rainy Day

Here’s an uncanny story from Madhumita. Three-day long rains had inundated the locality where the young couple stayed. The lady of the house cooked khichudi (rice and lentil porridge) and crisp onion munchies and eggplant fritters. Her husband joked about having hilsa fries with it. Find out what happened after they had hilsa, in this interesting ghost story, […]

There is a House in New Orleans, They Call it the Rising Sun…

Sukanya takes us through a getaway to New Orleans with her children. They drove to their vacation destination, crossing the 18.2 miles long Atchafalaya Bridge, the second largest bridge in the USA. The author gives us a wonderful tour of the city, its sights and sounds, its distinct personality. Bourbon Street was not good for kids late in […]

There is no Bias in Bias Cut: Deepening Fashion Terminologies

Take a guided tour with Neeti, our Fashion Guru, through the maze of fashion terminologies. She elucidates the fashion lingo in a fascinating way. Learn more about Pret-a- Porter, Haute Couture, Avante-Garde, Boho Chic, Grunge, Slumming, etc. Read and know more in her weekly column, Fashion Fundas, exclusively for Different Truths. Hello Fashionistas! It’s always a pleasure to […]

Delicious Arepa: Quintessential Venezuelan Food – I

The food that we eat in our childhood is almost always our comfort food. It brings back memories of our carefree days. Anumita spent a part of her childhood in Venezuela. She went to school there and enjoyed Venezuelan food. She serialises some of the popular dishes from that country. Here’s the recipe for delicious and finger licking […]

In Time

Geethanjali identifies with nature in the evocative poem. A Romantic at heart, she talks about allowing souls to blossom in their beauty and strength. Here’s her poem of hope and tolerance exclusively for Different Truths. Take your time. I will take mine too. I am a seed that sits in the dirt. I wait to push myself […]

The Internet of Things

What is the big deal behind the Internet of Things (IoT)? How is it revolutionising the way we live? What effect will have on our economy in the days to come? What to look for and how to be a part of the IoT revolution? Talking of businesses, McKinsey and Company estimates that the IoT has a total […]

Child Labourers: Educating and Emancipating Through Community Participation

The miserable plight of the child labourers in Gazipur, Bangladesh, called for immediate action. Michelle and her partner launched the programme, ‘We Learn’, to rescue and rehabilitate street children. She reveals the hurdles that they faced. They wished to purchase property, a farm and a house. The author’s partner’s family helped them. Soon street children started coming in. […]

Woman of Passion

In this woman-centric poem Sunita tells us what is it to be a woman of passion, exclusively in Different Truths. I’m a woman and I take a pride in being so, I have slowly made my pride grow, From my childhood to my womanhood. And always up righteously I have stood. Woman, I have been an […]

Earthquake in Italy leaves 37 dead; Kolkata also experiences mild tremors

A strong earthquake hit central Italy in the wee hours. It affected three beautiful mountainous villages, popular summer holiday spots. Reportedly 37 people were dead and the toll is likely to rise. Another earthquake hit Kolkata, India. It experienced jolts and tremors too. However, there were no loss of lives and limbs, authorities added.   […]

No Peace among Nations without Peace among Religions

“There will be no peace among the nations,” the Swiss Catholic theologian Hans Küng has written, “without peace among the religions. There will be no peace among the religions without dialogue between the religions. There will be no dialogue between the religions without the investigation of the foundations of the religions.” The new condition of world politics that has […]

An Arduous Road Trip of a Young Bride into Beauteous Sikkim!

  The first step into army life was a long, seemingly unending train journey to North Bengal, from where an arduous and treacherous road trip took us to the higher reaches of Sikkim. We travelled along the Teesta River and crossed the famous Tiger Bridge. The deafening roars of the majestic Teesta were frightening. Orange orchards along the route […]

Frozen Pain

Elsy talks of love, hope and pain in this verse exclusively for Different Truths. She arrayed her dreams like petals of a rose, lent them the scent of her hope, the colour of her joy and sat back in simper! Lovely! she told herself, and went on to dream more dreams. But then came the […]

Kalash: The Sole Pagan Tribe of Pakistan

The Kalash people have links with Greece. They dance around night­time fires; they make wine and indulge in ancient Olympic sports such as wrestling and shot­put. In her in­depth report, Urooj tells us that they are the indigenous and pagan people of Pakistan. They proudly call themselves the direct descendants of the Alexander the Great. Most scientists and […]

Hindu Temples are Haven and Home for Animals: Managing Biodiversity- II

Mapping the Hindu consciousness, Krishna elucidates how Hindu temples are haven and natural homes for large numbers of animals. In the first part that appeared last week, she told us how birds and animals have been a part of the Hindu iconography. In this column, she tells us that the reverence for the animal world is not just […]