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  • Is Subramanian Swamy the Enoch Powell of Indian Politics!

  • Prof. Birbal Sahni: The Father Figure of Paleobotany in Asia

  • Democracy in Danger: FRCA Amended Retrospectively; Has India that is Bharat Already Lost the Plot

  • The Game of Life and Death…

  • A Felt-Need to Refound the Universities That Failed us

  • Are you Helping Terrorists through Stego Videos?

  • In Defence of Euthanasia: The Right to Refuse Treatment and Die with Dignity

  • The Glory and Valour of Sikhs and Their Profound Contributions to Many Aspects of Life

  • How Should a Parent Handle Teenage Tantrums?

  • The Third Gender: Why Transgender Are Seen as a Different Community?

Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Could be the Next Target of Café Latte Attacker

Reading Time: 7 minutesCafé Latte attack had created havoc during the dawn of the millennium when wireless technology was just picking up the momentum. It was named so as the first invader had launched this form of attack sitting from a café near his victim’s wireless device while enjoying a cup of latte coffee. Another school of thought […]


Motion Moved to Bring CJI into Misery: Credibility Takes a Punch All Around

Reading Time: 4 minutesA total of 71 Rajya Sabha MPs signed the motion and 64 out of them are Rajya Sabha MPs, more than the 50 required for the safe passage of the motion and discuss threadbare the CJI’s “misbehaviour”, rip his reputation apart and hope some of it sticks to the ruling dispensation. ‘But when?’ is the […]


Fiscal 2019 on Chaotic Start with Cash Squeeze: One More Blow at Desperate Poll Moves of BJP

Reading Time: 4 minutesHighly disturbing for the immediate, and potentially damaging for the economy is the sudden outbreak of what is called “cash crunch” in several states, even the State Bank of India being no exception, with all their ATMs going dry. Ordinary customers going to bank counters must be having their own problems of not being able […]


The Enchanting, Enigmatic Turban and Other Headdresses for Women – VI

Reading Time: 7 minutesIn the sixth and last part of the erudite research article, Fashionista Shameena tells us about turbans and other headdresses, particularly for women. She traces the current trends, tracing its antiquities, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Turban evolves and turns chic when women adorn it in various parts of the world. Kerchief […]


How to Handle Success?

Reading Time: 4 minutesTo most of us, success hits us on the head like a mighty blow. We are not hurt but we reach a high, which is close to insanity. We need to deal with it in the right way. Preeyan cautions us on how to handle success and not become its victim, in the weekly column, […]


Unreasonable US Demands More of India: Strategic Partner Treated Like an Economic Foe

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe US seems to be unreasonably upset that India’s central bank (RBI) periodically buys small lots of US dollars, as and when necessary, to steady Rupee’s exchange rate. In fact, such a policy is, indirectly, to the advantage to the US. But, for this intelligent forex trading by RBI, Rupee’s exchange rate would have drastically […]


Charlie Chaplin: The Tragicomic Tramp Who Won Many Hearts Ruchira Adhikari Ghosh

Reading Time: 3 minutesSir Charles Spencer Chaplin, (16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977), an English comic actor, better known as Charlie Chaplin, is the greatest comedian that the cine world has ever produced. Charlie Chaplin, the Tramp, is depicted as passing through several rough and tough patches. There are times when he is treated shabbily, duped, jilted, […]


Tales from Srimad Bhagavatam: Sage Narada visits Kamsa – LXX

Reading Time: 3 minutesNilanjana recounts the tale of Sage Narada visiting Kamsa, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Sukha smiled, “Now, Sage Narada decided to visit Kamsa again.” Parikshit was curious, “Again! What for?” “Yes,” Sukha said, “To pace things up a bit. So, Kamsa was sitting in his royal court when Sage Narada made his […]


Second Term of Sitaram Yechury is Vital for Left Renewal

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe 750 delegates attending the Party Congress have to decide whether the majority of them will give their approval to the draft political resolution ruling out any electoral understanding with the Congress Party against the BJP or they will show more pragmatism compared to the dominant leadership of the Party. This alternative line is being […]


Toilet Trauma: Do Indian Women have the Right to Pee With Dignity?

Reading Time: 6 minutesThere are no proper women’s toilets at public places. Will it sound very odd if we start an agitation for proper lady’s toilet, now? We live in a world where women may be raped, molested right after her birth up to any age. Dignity, decency, care, kindness, concern, love need to be taught to the […]