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  • Narendra Jadhav was against Reservation for his Daughter; Befitting next President of India

  • Torture is Illegal and Inhuman

  • Moon of my Trembling Stars

  • Indian Elections: The Politics of Insults, Anger and Debasement Destroy the Democratic Fibre

  • India and Kleptocracy: Are we a Nation of Crooks?

  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali Roughed-up: Folklore and Fanaticism is not History!

  • Phosphorous: A Single Chemical Element that Tells Many Stories

  • Hindu World View of RK Narayan: Progress of Jagan from Egotism to Mysticism

  • Climate Change: Water Availability, Energy Sources and Global Threats

  • Demonetisation: Did Modi Violate Democratic and Human Rights Principles?

  • Genes and Identity: Diseases, Medicines, Homosexuality and Identity Politics – II

  • Gandhian Nonviolence Inspired Martin Luther King Jr for Redemption of Afro-Americans

Phase Five Polls in UP: Split of Muslim Votes between SP-Cong Alliance and BSP to help BJP

The BJP strategy has been to tackle polarisation of Muslim votes with the counter-polarisation of Hindu votes in its favour. Towards that end, we already have star campaigners, Modi and Shah making communally aggressive statements, a strategy that had worked for the party, in 2014. So if the alliance does not bring in the expected […]

An Interval in the Search of Love

The turmoil, trail and tribulation of life of life rips us apart, at times. At those moments, we long for companionship. It was no different in the case of Anindita. A wish to break free from her own shadows and chains. Yes, living with others and building a community is vital but why can we not find solace […]

Straight from the Mouth of my Babes!

Anumita shares the fun and funny moments of being a mother of two sons. Here are some interesting anecdotes to laugh along, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Motherhood has its victories and defeats. It has those moments which you are not sure how to categorise. Kids can say the strangest things and often leave […]

Backbends are Crucial for Healthy Spine

Our Yoga expert, Navodita tells us about four asanas or poses that help in keeping the spine of our body healthy and strong. Half camel opens and stretches the shoulder and upper arm, and opens the chest. Half camel is also beneficial for the kidneys and stimulates the respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems. Similarly, Ek Hasta Vyaghrasana is […]

Many Friends, One Life!

Friends are like angels, helping, guiding, guarding, encouraging in different ways. They help us tide through our trial and tribulations. Life is like a stream. When we start we have speed, rush, force and less depth. We are in a hurry like a small steep stream gushing from the mountains. Then, we gain momentum when […]

Do you Love God? – VII

Follow your heart. And if your heart takes you open-eyed to Him, why should you close your eyes? You can look at His glorious, illuminated beautiful face, His kind soft glittering eyes, feel His gracious love, and say, “O God! Please accept my Love. I Love you.” Listening to God is called “meditation”. As you […]

A Window to her Dreams: Past Baggage and Turbulent Present Threaten Second Marriage

Aruna, a young divorcee, marries Bhuvan, an averagely successful young man who had a crush on her in college. Both make promises of ever after with preconceived expectations. But, they are equally shattered to learn that despite their best intentions life does sometimes play the villain.  Aruna’s learned conditioning, developed as a result of the […]

Crisis of Identity in Azadi by Chaman Nihal

This crisis of identity of both Hindus and Muslims has been mirrored in some major texts on partition fictions in English and in English translation. The crisis of Muslim identity is a historical phenomenon. Many reasons may be taken for granted for this crisis of Muslim identity. The Hindu fundamentalism, the colonial master’s strategy of […]

The Prince of Kolkata Bats for the Unsung Princesses

In its endeavour to ensure access to education for the girl-child, CRY receives support from the legendary Sourav Ganguly, who, apart from being a cricket-icon, is also a doting father to a “very pretty and clever young girl, Sana”. In many parts of India, the birth of a girl-child is not welcomed is a known fact. It […]

Healing by Loving the Inner Child

All of us have a suffering inner child. As children, we all have all had times of difficulty as children and many of us have experienced trauma. When we are in our childhood, we just do not know what to do and so, to protect and defend ourselves against future suffering, we somehow try to […]

Love Meter: Ten Telltale Signs that he is not that into you!

Make sure that you are not trapped in an abusive and loveless relationship with the man of your dreams. Is your Prince Charming moving away from you? Does he have someone else in his life? Nikita warns us of the ten telltale signs that are enough for your red flags to go up! Here’s  the […]

Celebrate Love with Rice Chocolate Cupcakes!

Sarika tells us how she was born two months too soon to share her birthday with St. Valentine. The author reminisces and romances her birthday celebrations, the simple joys, her growing up in a small city, in Assam, the people who departed as she moved on with her journey of life. How her husband serenades […]

That Language Named Urdu

The fictional character of Urdu having a Muslim character persisted in times of Premchand and also exists till now. During one of his lectures delivered in Bombay during the year, 1934 Premchand stated that in his opinion Hindi and Urdu were one in the same language. When they share a set of common verbs and […]

How Imagination Shapes Your Reality

  Research has proved time and again – that imagination is indeed a magical power, which shapes our thoughts as well as reality. Thoughts are vibrations, manifestations of energy, and most thoughts are transient in nature, that is to say, they appear or linger for a time depending on the energy given to them. By […]

Rights of the Elderly: Government Policies and Schemes for Older Persons

The precise onset of old age varies culturally and historically. It is a social construct, rather than a biological stage. The persons in India, who have attained the age of sixty years and above, are defined as elderly for the purpose of availing old age benefits. Over the years, the government has launched various schemes […]

Tales from Srimad Bhagavatam: Rituals and Quest! – XIV

Ceremonies and rituals take one away from being united with the Divine. Sage Narada decided to approach King Prachinabaris and show the path of devotion. He met the king, who received him with courtesy appropriate for that epoch. After exchanging pleasantries, Narada spoke to the king, “I see that you are too occupied with these rituals, the […]

Our Yummilicious Ice Cream Dates Back to the 5th Century BC

Lily forages the history to unravel the origin of ice cream. The granddad of modern medicine Hippocrates advocated eating ice to his Ancient Greek patients as “it livens the life juices and increases wellbeing.” During the 5th century BC, Greeks ate snow blended with honey and nuts, in Athens. In 400 BC, the Persians served their royalty […]

Which Poison Killed Mandira: Murder Mystery of a Rape Victim – II

In the second and final part of the fictionalised true story of a rape victim, Aftermath, we find that the plot thickens. Mandira’s diary, found by her daughter, Ananya, convinces her that she had not committed suicide but had been murdered. Her cell phone that could provide the clenching details of the murder clue was mysteriously […]

A Day of Revelations!

She began by writing emails to those online friends she had not thought of, forget written to, in almost two years. As she hit ‘send’ each time, it seemed like she was dispatching a wee bit of herself and receiving lots of love from the universe. The magic of giving! When our acts of kindness bring such satisfaction […]

Musings on Martyrdom: Ibaadat sey Shahdat!

The Cellular Jail, in Port Blair, completed in 1906, is a National Memorial and a place of pilgrimage for all freedom loving people. Many today would be proud to know that it was in these infamous “cells” great sons of India preferred to perish unknown and unsung, to court a ghastlier form of slow death in fighting for […]


An intense and powerful woman-centric verse by Ipsita, for Different Truths. This world around me Hold me up; Turns me round Pulls and pushes me down And just as I start frowning at it I look up and see the stars And smell the salty sea My lungs fill up My lips curve into a […]

Coping with Personal Tragedy: When I Lost a Heartbeat!

How do mothers deal with the loss of a heartbeat (an unborn child)? The agony is unbearable. It wrenches out the heart of the mother. She feels guilty and blames herself for the loss of the child. Depression and dark despondency envelopes her. Typically grief has five stages; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. But […]

Today is Another Night!

Life is wondrous! We all deal with pain and losses. We hide feelings. We, like the author, often ponder if it would be possible for us to take the relationship to another level. Would she meet the right man is what she thinks? This is one of the most debatable topics among women these days. […]

Backbends or Heart-opening Poses Increase Breath Capacity and Emotional Openness

Our Yoga expert, Navodita, tells us that backbends are often associated with the sunrise as these are also called the ‘heart-opening poses’. These open the front of the body including muscles that surround the heart and lungs and expands both breath capacity and emotional openness as more space opens in the chest. She tells us […]

Third Phase Polls: UP Heartland to Witness SP-BJP Clash; Muslims and Dalits might Favour BSP

  Central UP has been voting in the third phase amidst jumlas and high-profile campaigning across 12 districts for 69 Assembly seats. Although there are no clear signs of anti-incumbency against Akhilesh Yadav, the enthusiasm to bring the incumbent back to power is missing. An excessive reliance of the SP-Congress coalition to woo Muslims has […]

Torture is Illegal and Inhuman

Torture is the worst ever human invention. The main focus of this article is on the preventative measures against torture and ill-treatment by state agents, particularly law enforcement officials. In addition, brief information on standards on torture is given along with rights of torture victims. Here’s an in-depth research article on torture, by Amit, our Norway-based Editor-at-large, […]