Who Mourns the Last Ones?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the last of your species? To wander ceaselessly across land, water, sky in search of another like you and to find nothing but illusions. Radhika tells us about the vanishing species, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. There are few stories which […]

Media Literacy: A Need for Development of India

There are very few mainstream news channels or news organisations that cover developmental issues with the aim of promoting ‘public service journalism’. Most organisations are lost in their need to retain profits, achieve targets in terms of audience, agenda-setting certain issues and themes which are ‘dominant’ in the political economic structure of the way news […]

Living on in Death and Back to College Too

Rupa talks about her mother-in-law’s progressive views. In life and death, she carried her will. In death, her body is going to medical research which will benefit waitlisted organ recipients and medical research community that may find miracle cures a step short of discovery. Here’s a new weekly column, beginning today, exclusively for Different Truths. […]

Eliminating Caste System, Communal Fascism, Patriarchy, and Neo-Liberalism: Does Neo-Dalit Movement Provide an Answer?

Hindu caste system divides the society into social classes or castes. This graded inequality has the sanction of classical Indian religious scriptures. The caste hierarchy dictates the lives of its citizens even today. The tribal, Muslims and the lower castes or untouchable communities face discrimination and severe oppression due to their social status. As a […]

Freedom for Independence Day

A lot more barriers need to be broken and freedom needs to be realised in an imperfect ‘social structure’ that exists in India and abroad. You still need to fight racism, sexism, casteism, class-ism and boundaries you have created for yourselves in your head because of how you were conditioned to think or made to […]

Soccer Takes Centre Stage in Scoring for a Cause

Bangalore witnessed unmatched passion for football as the beautiful game became a platform for championing child rights, and ensured that children across CRY-supported projects got access to a happy, healthy and creative childhood. A report, for Different Truths. Soccer is always known to have breaking boundaries. But the game became even more beautiful, as it […]

Human Rights Justice: Methods of Testimonial Therapy to Generate Human Rights Movement – II

In the second and final part of the research article, Amit, our Editor-at-Large (Europe) examines the methods of Testimonial Therapy (TT) to generate the human rights movement. He tells us about the four stages of TT, rehabilitation and mobilisation, and the social theories at play. These help the Dalits to move from torture to dignity. […]

Human Rights Justice: Who are the Torture Victims? – I

Amit, our Editor-at-Large (Europe) analyses role of an India based Non-Governmental Organisation working for the torture victims of marginalised groups (such as Dalits, Muslims) using novel methods of testimonial therapy – employing it for the rehabilitation of torture victims providing voice for voiceless, mobilising human rights movement by bringing narratives of injustices of Dalits (Untouchables) […]

You Need a Classroom to Break the Chain

It’s time we understand how education can do wonders in eliminating child labour, opines Atindra, for Different Truths. A little less than 1.5 crore children call Jharkhand their home. And one of the big problems about 11 lakh of them face while growing up, is how to balance school and work or to choose between […]

One More Child in School is One Less Child Labourer

Though shocking, almost 73% of the 33 million working children in India in the age group of 5-18 years do not go to school, as the Census 2011 data suggests. Going by absolute numbers, out of 359 million children in the same age-group, close to 33 million children are working, out of which 24 million […]