About Us

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Different Truths (differenttruths.com) is a Social Journalism (a form of Collaborative Journalism) platform. Based on the tenets of Participatory Journalism, Social Journalism creates a synergy between Citizen Journalists (any lay person, who is not trained as a journalist to voice their opinions) and Professional Journalists. Social Journalism[1] is a media model consisting of a hybrid of professional journalism, contributor and reader content. It is similar to open publishing platforms, like Twitter and WordPress.com, except that some or most content is also created and/or screened by professional journalists. Examples include Forbes.com, Medium, BuzzFeed, and Gawker. The model, which in some instances has generated monthly audiences in the tens of millions, has been discussed as one way for professional journalism to thrive despite a marked decline in the audience for traditional journalism.

Social Journalism helps to strengthen and deepening Democratic Values. It upholds the best traditions of secular, non-violent, non-racist and casteless society. Different Truths upholds non-discriminatory traditions, where Special Needs people have equal opportunities. It aims at unifying the Peoples from various parts of the globe to create the world without boundaries – a Global Village where Peace and Prosperity rules.

The visionary John Lennon’s Imagine (UNICEF: World Version) is our Guiding Light, our shared Anthem at Different Truths (differenttruths.com)


We believe that every voice, no matter how humble, meek or weak has the right to be heard. We are not backed by any media houses, political parties or business houses. It is the dream project of two individuals, Arindam Roy (Editorial Director) and Anumita Chatterjee Roy (Managing Editor), the Founders of the webzine.

Arindam has worked in various media houses, big and small, only to realise that almost every house has its ‘Holy Cows’. He is committed to standing against all vested interest groups, risking his life and limbs. Anumita is a Special Needs mother. Both of them believe in the liberty of thoughts, words, deeds, and action.

We, in Different Truths (differenttruths.com), are committed to socio-economic issues that afflict people in India and abroad. We believe in Media Activism and multifarious Socio-economic causes, which in the corporate world are known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In six months, we, in Different Truths (differenttruths.com), have taken up issues like Dalits and Subaltern, Human Rights, Freeing Bonded Labour, Special Needs (with particular reference to Autism), Earth Day, World Environment Day (WED), World Day Against Child Labour, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and World Refugee Day (WRD), to cite some examples.

Many more causes are in the offing.

Other than news, views, and opinions, Different Truths (differenttruths.com), has a strong literary core. Best writers and poets, nationally and internationally renowned, are associated with it.

To further the cause of social activism, Different Truths (differenttruths.com) has had strategic tie-up and partnership with NGOs, like the People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) and special interest group like The Significant League (TSL), a social group of over 6500 poets, worldwide.

Different Truths (differenttruths.com) is open to strategic tie-ups and partnerships with individuals, special interest groups, NGOs, RTI activists, charitable organisations, institutions, etc. to further the cause of greater social good and for upholding the best traditions of non-violence, democratic and secular values.

Why Different Truths?

Different Truths (differenttruths.com) isn’t another me-too. The debate on Truth is unending. Some say the scriptures are the ‘Final Word’, others disagree. Whose truth are we talking about? Is the powers that be, the last word of the high priest?

Time and again, all revolutionaries challenged the accepted norms, the hegemony of power structures. If they hadn’t dared, if they hadn’t risked, the engine of social change might have been silenced thousands of years back.

We carry forward the legacy of those who had the spunk and courage to stand up and ask, ‘why?’

Every discourse has a counter-discourse (read rebels). It the voice of the people, the vast majority, that is muffled by the socio-politico and socio-economic power structures.

At Different Truths (differenttruths.com), we intend to speak about issues that are kept in wraps. We wish to unravel the truth, no matter how unsavoury or bitter. We wish to challenge the taboos. We wish to be heard over the din and noise of the traditional media, most of which, we all know, has collapsed under ugly money-power. When journalists are fair, the houses are not. All media houses have their ‘Holy Cows’, areas that cannot be ever touched.

Join us in unravelling the harsh truth. We know that there isn’t one truth. There are many. This is the Weltanschauung of the 21st Century. Every voice, no matter how small or meek, has to be heard.

Ensure that your voice is heard over the noise and din of vested interest groups. Together, we can defeat money-and-muscle power, the Mafiosi that stands to profit by exploiting people for its greed, it is profiteering. Don’t forget to share all your published creations with friends, family, and like-minded people.

Be Free. Be Fearless!

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_journalism