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Bangalore-based Farheen tells us how technology has made our lives easier. Here she tells us about a translator devices, SmartHalo that is your personal Navigation, , Alarm, Fitness Tracker and Personal Assistant. Lastly, she tells new parents about a device that takes care of new born babies and how it helps them. Read more in the weekly column. A Different Truths exclusive.

Our lives are too complicated with not only things that need to be attended and remembered, but also understanding how to do.

Imagine yourself in a place where you are unable to understand what the other person is speaking to you. Not only that how about you have reached a place to do a deal and you find yourself alien to not only to the people but the language they speak. To top it up, there is nobody you can find who can help in translating your languages. Who has the time to spare or you?

With complexities at its peak and so much happening around every second, how to keep pace with all the things revolving around us with speed.

The is not only to understand the technology but to find out whether there is a technology a gadget or a device that is available for your needs.

Technology helps in solving most of our problems and giving some peace of mind.

One of the phenomenal devices is the Waverly Labs’ Pilot Language Translator is an amazing simple translator that enables users to translate the language.


What does it do, would be your next question? This device is an in-ear wearable that translates languages almost in real-time. This earpiece is like an earplug and it translates spoken languages to the wearer.

Watch this video to know more about Pilot:

As of now, the device needs to be connected to the internet to work, although the company plans to develop an version. The existing prototype allows two people both wearing the earpiece to have a conversation, but later updates could expand this functionality.

A Pilot can also be used to listen to wirelessly, which can be shared with the earpiece of a companion.

Pilot translates English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, and the company plans to add more languages later.

Another incredible device is SmartHalo. This device is an all in one device that you can attach to your handlebars and it gives you your own personal Navigation, Light, Alarm, Fitness Tracker and Personal Assistant.

This device helps you navigate straight on your handlebar via a halo on the handlebar. It helps you navigate to the safest route in a jiffy.

If you are aware how a compass work, it’s the same way SmartHalo works, it points towards your destination.

SmartHalo’s internal motion sensor triggers a loud alarm if someone tampers with your two-wheeler.

It also helps you set fitness goals in the app and SmartHalo will display your progress in real time.

Watch this video to see if you to buy this device:

Another interesting and helpful use of technology is the Watch Over Me Dream Station.

Watch Over Me Dream Station is a new, intelligent baby monitor that creates comfortable sleeping and waking up environments for newborns. It has a smart sensor technology that detects body motion and sound, and can automatically adapt to provide the best and consistent sleep environment for newborns during each of the five phases of sleep. Parents can customise the device by setting it for use at any desired stage of sleep. User-friendly and fashionably designed, Watch Over Me Dream Station is a must-have for parents looking to soothe their child to bed, them when they inevitably wake up during the night and allow them to happily wake up from their sleep.

Watch this video to know how Watch Over Me Dream Station works:

With brilliant technologies and the devices, gadgets, and apps that work for a hand in glove to make it interesting for us to reap the benefits of such amazing devices and gadgets that are available now.

We are in the world in which we need to identify our need and then look for a gadget and be sure that you will not find something that’s the exact want but surely something close to what you need.

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Farheen Viquas is a Senior Technical Editor/Writer working in Bangalore, India. She has worked as a Technical Writer/Editor, Mentor/Coach, Language Consultant, Information Tester, English Trainer, and Transcriber. When not at work, she loves to cook, read, write poetry and prose, listen to music, bake cakes, fish keeping, and embroider. She is also a stained-glass enthusiast.