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What Women should Stop Wearing after 30: Does Expectations and Judgments of Others Matter?

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How long should women continue to live under the weight of the expectations and judgments of others? Is it necessary to behave in the manner the society expects women to behave in? It is high time women stop being straight jacketed. Here’s what Nikita has to say, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.  

Are you tired of reading articles and watching documentaries obsessed with what women should do in their thirties?

“Cool Outfits Ideas for Women in their Thirties.”

“20 Items You Definitely Need to Toss by the Age of 30.”

“What not to wear in Your Thirties.”

“Fashion for 30-year-old Women.”

And all the “Blah-blah-blah.

Thirty is an attitude. Thirty is a belief. Thirty is an affirmation that you are now unstoppable.

Thirty is just a number if you do not bang your head thinking over it.

We can thank the Internet for romanticising the twenties as a decade of taking chances, falling in love, going on solo adventures, and being crazy. Do we stop doing all that in the thirties or forties?

The answer is, “No. We are humans and that is what we do best – make mistakes.”

So, why do we fuss so much about numbers? Be it the size we wear, the candles on our birthday cake or the score in exams.

The Twenties were for experimenting with people, careers, and ideologies. It was a decade of making mistakes and learning lessons. You meet many temporary people in your twenties. People overwhelmed you, controlled you, and dictated your choices for a decade. Not anymore.

By now, you understand who your friend is and who is just pretending to be. By now, you understand that nobody else decides what happens in your life. By now, you have transformed into a woman who knows her own worth and would not let anyone treat her any less. It is the time to roar.

Your wardrobe is just a wardrobe. It does not dictate the dignity and grace of your extended family. Stop being a puppet of the society’s expectations and judgments. Your worth is not dependent upon their approval.

Women should stop wearing the weight of other people’s expectations and judgments after turning 30.

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