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Maya talks about the importance of touch in a married life. She reveals one of the most important secrets to a long and happy married life. It’s not just making love but also cuddling and caressing affectionately immediately after sex. It’s important for a woman to feel needed and accepted. Mutual affections restores the magic and romance. It leads to greater compatibility amongst spouses.

Remember the days when he would be never be tired of touching you?

When he would startle you by entering the kitchen on tiptoe and kiss your neckline drawing aside your silken tresses?

Remember how his unexpected touches aroused your feminine heart to respond with even greater a degree of fervour?

Marriage is a beautiful bonding between two people who live together, love and care.


They learn with the passage of time how to communicate without the need of words, they learn to read each other’s body, and they learn to read each other’s eyes.

A touch is all that they need to assure and reassure their partner that they love.

Like all things under the sun that are liable to change, love undergoes various phases too.

Sex which is the language of your body to express love isn’t self-sufficient.

Caresses, soft pats, hugs work as an elixir to married life.

Even after a full-fledged session of intercourse your heart feels parched. You don’t feel like falling into a blissful sleep. You longed for something else than that?

What was that?

Perhaps your heart has been going hungry for a reassuring touch, a touch that said he couldn’t live without you, that said you meant the whole world to him, that said you looked beautiful, that said he cared for you.

The day before when you were mum because your daddy was hospitalised, your heart was full and honestly speaking your heart trembled with fear lest he should no longer survive!

Your hubby guessed your perturbed state of mind and stroking your head and cupping your chin in his hands he looked deep into your tearful eyes and said, ‘everything is gonna be fine. Trust me love.’

You trusted him.

More than anything else that might hope to settle your mind to rest were the words he said and the soothing touch he bestowed.

Too often we are found to be underestimating the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest acts of caring.

All these little gestures have the potential enough to turn a life around.

A kiss on the forehead speaks volumes. It says, ‘ I will protect you. I care. I’m there. You need not worry darling. No harm can come your way as long as I’m there.’

Indulge in more of touches.

These gentle touches express your love and concern. You can give your hubby a kiss or lie in his arms for a couple of moments before the day ahead beckons you for work.

He can caress your cheeks whispering in your ears how he wishes he didn’t have to go to work today or it was a holiday.

Megha vividly recalls how during the initial days of their wedded life she would sulk and cry silently for hours when her hubby after an intercourse would fall sound asleep. She very much wanted to talk to him after the sex thing, cuddle around him, nestle by his side, lie awake in his arms and talk, tell him how hurt she felt when he immediately fell asleep.

Sounds weird?

Nothing weird about it.

Love in conjugal life isn’t all about sex.

A compassionate heart that understands, an assurance, a word of praise, mutual trust, care, sympathetic ears and above all touch…the crux of happy married life.

You haven’t had sex for how many days, you don’t remember. You have been too engaged with certain issues that have been perturbing your peace of mind. You feel you aren’t a live wire anymore.

Nothing like that. It’s just that your mind has been too occupied to think of it. But your embittered tone, throwing hands in agitation, your sleepless nights, your parched heart…all these speak of that very natural need…the need to be loved.

Have a break!

Think where life is taking you.

Is it taking a toll on your mental wellbeing?

Why all this rushing through things?

Easy! Take it easy!

The labyrinths of life will keep you entangled as long as you live.

What may take to heels almost without your notice is love from your married life.

Touch him. Give him a warm-warm hug. Tell him you appreciate how he’s been anxious day and night to provide a better life to you, family and kids. Tell him he’s who you dreamt of.

No hero with six packs. A hero with a beautiful heart that throbs for you, that’s crazy about your homely charms that is hurt when you hurl accusations on him.

Feel the magic of touch.

Happy wedded life!

©Maya Khandelwal

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