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Teachers Play an Important Role in our Lives and Shape our Careers

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Teaching is a professional career. It is not demeaning to be a teacher. It should be a planned wise move. Teaching has to be an informed decision that one needs to take, opines Preeyan, paying tribute to the teachers, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

This week we celebrated Teachers’ Day. And I want to dedicate this piece to all my teachers who helped me become who I am. And I trust that all you readers will feel the same.

After our parents – our first teachers – it is our teachers who play that vital role in making us who we are. We remember those who encouraged us, we remember those who always condemned us, we remember those who punished us, we remember those, who we admired and we remember those, who we thought knew nothing of. But all of them were our teachers and have in some way, influenced what we have done in life.

We are the last generation where our teachers chose teaching as a profession and taught us with all the dedication and with a goal of making us into ambitious professionals. Why I say this is because I am not sure if we have enough talent, who look at teaching as a profession and not as a forced career choice. The breed of teachers of the bygone era seems to be the endangered species, rare to see and rare to come across. This is probably because of the modernisation of education and everything seems to be moving towards artificial intelligence and podcasts and videos. YouTube seems to make more sense to that neighbour’s son than his teacher in school. This is sad. As with all this, knowledge gets imparted but it is the humanity, the character and the emotions that go along with it which is missing.

I would say that it is the school that we had been to that moulded us in character, helped us build on our strengths and inculcate certain social values, which make us what we are today. It is because our teachers were so open and free with us that we were encouraged to try different things and see how it works out. It is because we were punished that we became strong in character and got prepared for the rigours we currently face with ease. It is because of that scolding we got when we told lies that we today not fear to accept the truth. It is because of all those little things that we have gone through during our studying days that moulded us. And it is the contribution of our teachers that have stuck that little bit with us and make our lives better.

However, the more negative they were, has only made us more positive in life. There were those who put in relentless hours of taking session after session, sometimes without a break and the dedication with which they carried their work. It is those few teachers, who touched our souls and lit the fire in our characters that we are in an enviable position, now. And it is those few teachers who were responsible for branding us, ignoring us, hating us and ill-treating us that has made us strong in character that we are able to take anything that comes our way.

Teaching is a profession where we are in a position to contribute to developing the future of the world. It is how we take things up with our wards that are going to give us what we want tomorrow.

Teaching is a professional career. It is not demeaning to be a teacher. It is something that is not cut out for everyone, for those who are confused, it is only wise to take this profession and help build a future. Teaching should not be the last option you choose because you do not have a job at hand, but a planned wise move for you to establish yourself. It has to be an informed decision one needs to take.

Today, we see that the requirement for qualified teachers are ever increasing and the takers are very few. It would be great if people from the industry, any industry for that matter choose to become teachers should get these opportunities. If this happens we will see more students getting out of school, who would have inculcated more competencies needed to secure a job.

With the consistently increasing competition, what we need today are multiples of those teachers, who have played a very influential role in our lives. We need to remember and respect these individuals, who have helped us to get where we are.

We are proud to say that there is a contribution of every one of you, who have helped us shape our lives, and you ought to be proud of it!

My advice to those who are looking at teaching as a profession is to take it seriously, stay committed and focused. Together we can make a better world and a better future for generations to come.

A toast to all my teachers and teaching friends. You build the road to a better future and the foundation of a better world.


©Preeyan Abraham

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