Winter is all About F-words!

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Winter is at its last leg in most Indian cities. Subhajit picked the brains of the young, the now generation, about what they felt about this season. The young respondents felt that winter is the best time for food, fashion and festivities. It’s a time to let down the hair, to relax and laze beneath quilts and enjoy steaming cups of coffee. Here’s an interesting find, in the regular column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Winter is about to bid a final goodbye for this season. As the weather forecasts say, it shall last only for a few days. Winters have been the season which gives rise to fresh colours and energy in the land of India. Some of our friends shared their feelings about this season of chill, their likes and dislikes.

“I am not quite fond of winters. The cold weather, harsh pinching wind and dry skin, god it feels like hell. However, I am quite fond of the fruits like grapes, apples and oranges. I just love them,” said beauty conscious Jinia, a student full of verve. She added, “I usually don’t opt to go to places having extremes of temperatures, especially if there is a chance of losing the moisture. But, fruits and festivals are the only solace in winters.”

Suman, a freelance poet, debates Jinia’s thoughts calling these ‘lame’ and ‘unreasonable’. “To be very frank, I am not so conscious about myself. The wind irritates a bit but that’s what winters are for. Falling temperatures, stinging winds, clear sky, sunshine…you can’t even imagine what it’s like! Nature’s poetic composition. Each day is a unique artwork.” Usnik, an engineering student, now in Bangalore, terribly misses winters. “Since I live at the South, I don’t get to enjoy winter. No extreme climates, it’s all normal and monotonous.

However, whenever I’m home, I become a winter man.” As the conversation proceeds, he shares the things he loves about winter. “Winter is the freedom to be lazy, you know, like a license to leisure; waking up late in the morning, sneaking into the blanket every now and then.” As a matter of fact, winter is the season of warm coffee and blankets which everybody loves in winter. He also mentioned about his deep sentiments. “Winter is the season when I get to sit still and think…all that cold and dryness reminds me of all the dry and shady thoughts, which are at times regret, at times memories to cherish.”

This season is a complete celebration. There are lots of festivals. “I love non-vegetarian dishes. You get to eat rich and spicy dishes, various recipes of fish and meat. Being a Bengali cat, I love having the dishes of rare fishes that thrive in the market during winters. The vegetables like broccoli, onion stems, cauliflower and cabbage become suitable components of some great mouth-watering delicacies,” said Rupak Mall, a student of B.Sc. Honours.

He added, “When it comes to food, I am always one step ahead. I am more into sweets and desserts than the salty and spicy foods. Plus, it’s a season of festivals. Christmas, Paush Mela, Gangasagar Mela, Vasant Panchami are celebrated with a great pomp and show. Everybody rushes to the cake stores during Christmas. Ah! The smell of hot chocolate, chocolate cakes and puddings, pithe and payesh, I am in love with those dishes. Mother is an expert at making these.”

“It’s winter, the season of coffee, jackets and blazers. Who says fashions isn’t possible with winter clothes. Sweaters, jackets and scarves come in various eye-catching designs. Full sleeves doesn’t make one look dull. All one needs to do is carry them with smartness,” opined Suranja, a student of fashion designing.

Well, winter is not only a mere season. It is attached to the sentiments of every single living being. There are love and warmth underneath the quilts. There is cosy leisure in the smoking cups of coffee and energy in the bonfires. With picnics and short tours as the year ends, winters are mind-refreshing and it keeps the child within us alive and cheerful.

©Subhajit Sanyal

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