Sublime Snow of Winter Wonderland!

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Anumita celebrates the beauty of snowfall. Despite the negative connotations of cold and winter, she discovers its enigma. She uncovers its beauty in the small every day realities of living, in a cold country, for the last 15 years. Trigger happy, she gives us a visual feast of the winter wonderland. Here’s a Different Truths exclusive photo feature.

I am a book of snow,

a spacious hand, an open meadow,

a circle that waits,

I belong to the earth and its winter.

~ Pablo Neruda 


Born and brought up in tropical countries, Ohio was a contrast for me. I learnt to live seasons and to find its beauty, every time the winds changed. Winter usually is longer than the rest of the seasons. As the nip in the air of the fall (autumn) turn frigid in winter, it showers white fluff from the sky. Snow, a beautiful soft cascade of stars, blankets my city, and sometimes my entire state.

In literature, the archetype of cold is associated with negative feelings. It’s often a metaphor of sufferings and death. But, in reality, the snow shrouded landscape is often magical. It’s not merely grotesque.

I have lived in this state for last 15 years, yet never fail to gasp and admire the winter wonderland!

This is my take at winter in my city and its surroundings.

Text and Pix by author




Anumita Chatterjee Roy is an artist at heart. She has an eye for the unusual. Her naturescapes make her the quintessential Romantic. She paints, is passionate about photography, creates word images in her verses and loves to write. She cooks delicacies and is a foodie. Born in India, she was brought up in several countries. These strengthened the global citizen in her. She now lives in the Columbus, Ohio, with her husband and two sons.