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Smile of a Skeleton

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A poignant poem, inward-looking, by Sudhansu, exclusively for Different Truths.

I know not any hypocrisy
Clinging to the virgin lips in my own style
With purpose
Neither to make my visitor happy nor unhappy
But a warm alertness of every uncertain moment
Standing with a motionless silence at your threshold
No passion, no dispassion can deceive me
I am just the signature of an unhunted grace of eternity
All the deception of your whole life
Melts into me unconditionally without a question
You may understand me, understand me not also
But, you can never misunderstand me
Because I cannot communicate a word
It is your helplessness before my dead silence
I am eternal to myself with an unquestionable conviction
The tired spring takes its final resort in me
Behind all its name and fame
My signature is the witness on your soil
Defusing all your smile and cries.
See me once close
But not so as the muted distance
Lest you will be dissolved in me
Not to find yourself alone for a while
I know the art of living alone with myself in my aloneness
My smile does not ring to the sound of bobbles
I smile
But it never reaches the lips
You cannot distort it
You cannot disturb it with your words
I have come here with a purpose
To live only all helpless times.

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  1. Rupa Rao 2 months ago

    Dr Dash-nice read-thnq

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