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If Dreams had Wings

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An inspirational poem of hope, from Vandita, exclusively for Different Truths.

If dreams had wings,
We would fly above
And bring our lost childhood
With the promise of love.

We would catch the tiny sparks of joy
Yes, you our little children
And like tiny glow worms deploy
where the darkness your smiles can brighten.

We would chisel your minds
Unfold your creativity
So raw and undefined
Surge ahead with fervour and dexterity.

Children you are the manifestation of God
A glimpse of all that’s pure and divine
In a selfish world
You are the harbingers of hope and sunshine.

You are the dazzle of a dappled dawn
Devoid of sorrow
That awakens hope
Of a brighter tomorrow.

You are the fragrance
Of a newly blossomed flower
That requires nurturing
Shade, sun and shower.

Each of you is precious
God made you all
Remain ignited with zeal
And never in trials stumble or fall.

Life is a journey
Dedication and honesty are the wave
So, strive ahead courageously
With all the vigour God gave.

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