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Fish Out of Water

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An evocative poem by Rupa, exclusively for Different Truths.

Tiny teeny fish barely an inch in length
Skeleton visible thru transparent breadth
Eye stares black a glistening dark bead
trashing on sand seeks water to barely breathe
separated by a whimsical wave on to the beach
writhes on white sands of white coral reef

Charges a humongous swollen frothy wave
scoops up the fish hanging on to life brave
back into laps of aquatic life and gill for air
rescued from an end with no time to spare
Merry makes fish its continuity to joy of life
celebrates chance revival of sojourn in strife

We human choose to not live the celebratory day
lifelessness pushes us to mundane of malady
Looking to be dark seeking unhappy drowning set
you learning gratitude giving up on raison-d’etre

Universe awaits to scoop us into happiness
fill us up with essence of unique uniqueness
each one of us is born to not copy the crowd
yet all opt to shed quiet to ape masses loud.

We like the fish, need to trust wave of truth
let go tight grip on material and its fruit
To merry make Into lap of light and lightness
to celebrate floating free air of kindness
into laps of loving care smiling brightness
into compassionate non-dual oneness.

Photo by the poet from the Internet 

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  1. Nancy K.A.N. 3 weeks ago

    sensible and wise life lesson. The analytical description of fish and holding on is nice. Keep spreading light…

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