Opportunity: A Platform

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Sushmita dwells on opportunity – the unpredictability of life – in the weekly column. A Different Truths exclusive.

Mystical and awe-inspiring are the ways of life: absolute and unwavering reciprocity! How and when will appear, that which appears, one doesn’t have any prior inkling and thus, the undeniable sensation, tingling, accompanies the receipts. Magnanimity, infinite, opportunities are presented in ways unimagined and at most unexpected of times. And time and again, I am affirmed and reaffirmed that coincidences are none, there being no chance occurrence, the infinite creativity of life unfurling in perfectly ordered ways, though, the ways are unfathomable, myriad factors in operation in tandem, none random. So acknowledges, who else but Albert Einstein: “Occurrences in this domain are beyond the reach of exact prediction because of the variety of factors in operation, not because of any lack of order in nature.” Thus, all that appears “sudden” and “suddenly,” might not be so, their precipitation and crystallisation, on, behind the veil of the apparent, revealed at the opportune moment, presenting the opportunities too.

And now I get the link between “opportune” and “opportunity” too. To it, we revert, after delving into what the title conveys…delving into what the title intends to convey… It is, yes, about the reciprocity, the way of life to lead to and through all opportunities and their fulfillment.

It being a ‘one infinite whole’, life, reciprocity is the norm, and so apparently the ‘forms’ on the screen of our life, the canvas of our life painted by and in the colours of our perception. As we give, so we receive, the words, ‘as’ and ‘so’, declaring and affirming the alikeness of the given and the received, same, the nature of both. That that we give, returns to us, as an echo, the intensity and magnitude incremented, irrespective of the polarity—positive or negative—of the content. This we call Law of Attraction too. But in two words, the principle is unwavering reciprocity.

Had it not been so, this piece, a piece of reciprocity wouldn’t be unfurling and wouldn’t be read, when it is read. I had thought of sharing another piece, originally. But the planning, at and by the origin, as Einstein says, “is beyond the reach of exact prediction.” Thankfully, so it is!

After the couple of sharing [1], through this space, was published, as I spontaneously and gratefully got led to acknowledge “Different Truths” and the founders, Arindam Roy and Anumita Chatterjee Roy [2], came out in acknowledgment the thanks—for graciously extending the opportunity, the platform, to share the richness and reach, the beauty and power of words, the column named “Wordwise.” And then, in moments following the acknowledgement, received is the flash of gracious reciprocity…

“Opportunity is a platform, a plate, and a plateau, where the platter of creativity is allowed to unfold freely and form varied forms!”

In the moments in subsequence, as a consequence, the chronology ever perfect, this becomes, as urges to become, the second sharing through this space, there being no space of doubt regarding the truth received about an opportunity being a platform, having received the opportunity. Acknowledgement sets the tone for further acknowledgement, the note loud and clear, resonant, of reciprocity, providing infinite opportunities, varied platforms, in this one platform of life, to perform, per the form one is—rather, per the Essence in a form that one is!

In the very moment prior to this revelation, I wasn’t aware of the intricately entwined nature of “opportunity” and “platform.” This is the forte of revelations, and maybe the reason behind the nomenclature: “revelation”! Opportunity and platform were mutually exclusive words for me, till that moment. Yet, life thrives on and as inclusiveness, an infinite integral, though manifest as infinite differentials, wherein, when unaware, we are found to defer to the differences, refer to them as defiance, and as we treat, so are we re-treated—met by defiance, we are. While, the acknowledgement of the uniqueness of the creativity of and in all, meeting with reciprocation, presents an addition too: One realizes one’s own creativity, all the more. It is all additive…

That, we realise our creativity intrinsic, for that, opportunities are provided…and when appreciated, “appreciation” is the result…reciprocity guiding us to further and more opportunities, each a platform to perform, a platter infinite beckoning us, yearning to come to form… And form they do, at the opportune moment, not a moment before, not one after.

This brings us to the promise to revert to the link between opportune and opportunity… Well, opportunities are received at the moment opportune for them, when we recognize them and are ready for them.  An opportune moment is a right moment for that opportunity to present itself to and in the consciousness. A conscious reciprocity—recognition, acceptance, and commitment—ensures the rest, life’s principle resting not ever.

It is not the principal principle, but the sole principle: Reciprocity. And as reciprocity has led to this outpouring, recognising and realising opportunity as a platform, it is hereby also acknowledged, that, during this unfurling, even reciprocity is realized as the infinite opportunity, extended, as inheritance, on the platform of opportunity that life is.

Indeed, reciprocity is, so are the opportunities presented, the opportunities a platform too, to fulfill them, flowing in sync with the true flow of life, following the call of opportunity to the platform of opportunity!

How words serve as the platform, provide the opportunity, to unveil their “synonymity,” despite their apparent disparity!



©Sushmita Mukherjee

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