Where is the True Nationalist?

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Anita Parikh asks, is it enough to be a politician with a clean image? When the chip is down, we find hardliners and nationalists take U-turns. Clean intentions would give us clean governance. Is the Modi listening!

I have come to realise that I am really not pro any party. May be I would lean a bit towards Aam Aadmi for their ideology but their rhetoric tends to put me off. I’m pro-true progress. When it is progress or even an attempt at progress, at all levels. Needless to say, much of all the progress that is talked about or during elections depends on clear and .

Ironically, even separatist groups sometimes display lucid directives and exhibit answerability, making you reconsider your definition of an or nationalist.

Narendra ModiSo, we have the common man, who was really at the lowest rung and is now the Prime Minister of our country. If anything I should imagine would understand the plight of the common man who can’t afford a simple meal of daal- roti (flattened bread and lentils). Perhaps our Prime Minister does not feel like catering to those Indians, not living in other countries, who spend foreign to come, see and hear him. It is because they are clearly homesick. But he is not concerned, given the photo-op and other perks. At least I’d expect him to take his ‘clean government’, his ‘zero tolerance to corruption’ stance seriously in the face of the ‘daal scam’. Where the hoarders heartily proclaim, in due course of time, the prices of other pulses too would shoot through the roof. And, of course, that would happen, given a free hand that the hoarders and black market operators have now. It baffles me that Modi hasn’t come out with a statement of at least conducting an inquiry into this profit mongering!

Now take a look at the (LeT). When the General Officer Comanding 16 Corps, Lt. General R R Nimbhorkar, expressed concern over the LeT collaborating with the IS, by the third day the actually issued a statement distancing itself from the ISIS saying, “The Kashmir people don’t want aid and support form an external group, which was a production of anti-Islamic Western countries”.

Poof! In one line they swore to the ISIS and reiterated that theirs was a homebred mandate, for their people as it were. Well, even the ISIS did claim that they considered Asian Muslims (Indians, , ) ‘inferior’ to their Arab counterparts. Of course, they would have to justify why they pay them less, provide inferior equipments and even trick them into suicide attacks. Still, everyone is trying very hard to clear the dust.

So, Mr. Competitive Prime Minister, why are you so quiet? We know you don’t take any kickbacks personally or is that your indirect kickback to those who keep you up there? Then you are no better than them. And please stop your hollow rhetoric. Or give me a reason to believe in you!

Born and wedded, into a confluence of different cultures, Anita has lived in both, a traditional state and a cosmopolitan city. She has seen an assortment of unfavorable rustic practices, as much as philanthropic efforts. Her latest novel is set in this backdrop. She is a software developer and loves to dabble in digital Art. She is married to an architect. Anita is a film buff and has a good sense of humour.