Bong Beauty Nyra with Sizzling Sunny Leone during the Shooting of One Night Stand

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Purnita explores the delicate equation between the two female leads, Nyra Banerjee and Sunny Leone, of the forthcoming film, One Night Stand, releasing on April 29. A Different Truths exclusive.

Nyra is a very beautiful name! The response to the name is unique in its repetitiveness. Meaning ‘the beauty of goddess Saraswati,’ Nyra also represents the liquid appeal of flowing, limpid water; the innocent, yet tumultuous, deluge of the sea, akin to the surge of utter emotions that rules life.

It is said that the meaning of your name crystallises into your personality, seeping into your very being, so much so that you begin personifying it, explained the new Bong beauty, talking exclusively to Different Truths’ correspondent.

Sunny Leone, the globally known adult movies’ star and now a Bollywood actress, needs no introduction. But her refreshing warmth and sunny disposition (pun intended) could be something not really spoken about or documented or perhaps even noticed at times.

Unknown to each other and far removed from each other’s lives, Nyra Banerjee, a law graduate, born and brought up in Mumbai, and the soft-spoken Sunny Leone met on the sets of their upcoming woman-oriented movie One Night Stand, releasing on April 22, this year. They are the two female leads of the film, representing the two necessary aspects of the subject that has essentially remained a taboo in mainstream Hindi cinema.

Any good film needs conflict and the more dangerously pitted the leads are against each other, more the tension. However, the intensely private nature of the theme of this movie succeeded in creating an intangible thread between the two heroines, an unspoken shared space of feminine bonding, understanding, co-operation, also of mirth and laughter.

Though distinct in their roles, acting methods, backgrounds, upbringing, age, stage of life, etc., – inspite of the healthy competition that goads every player in the field – the genuine goodwill and pleasantly surprising gestures that went beyond the movie, beyond the façade of temporary makeup coats, touched the heart and made moments special. The unique effervescence of those instants etched some beautiful memories that will be cherished long after. And all in the midst of shooting intensely sensitive, emotive scenes.

One such incident, according to Nyra, “During the shooting of an intense action scene, I had sprained my neck muscles. Being highly professional, I was obsessing about how I could save the time of the film unit. As it was becoming obvious that I had to rest awhile and refresh myself, Sunny came to my rescue. She offered to rehearse my scenes so as to demonstrate and help me understand the body movements I would have to do, while I rested my neck.”

The quiet absence of ego hassles, or airs as they call them, between two actresses in the same movie, was commendably exhibited during the shooting of One Night Stand.

For a girl living a sheltered life with her parents and sibling; dusting, shopping, and fixing the leaks and fuses at home, when not acting, Nyra’s stepping into the bold, thematic movie One Night Stand, directed by a female director, was through an audition in which she qualified, not knowing that she would have to contend with the unnerving aura of Sunny Leone.

Needless to say, for an earnest actress, the inexperience of the acts portrayed on celluloid in her real life would not matter. And it didn’t.

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