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Cover Story

Who Mourns the Last Ones?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the last of your species? To wander ceaselessly across land, water, sky in search of another like you and to find nothing but illusions. Radhika tells us about the vanishing species, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. There are few stories which […]

South Sudan: A Country in Perpetual Turmoil

Salva Kiir Mayardit took oath as the first president of the Republic that day in 2011, the new nation not only gratefully savored its first moments of independence from North Sudan but also remembered with sadness the more than two million people who had sacrificed their lives for that very moment. Tears rolled down the […]

The History of the Iteru – The Nile

The Nile which is one of the longest rivers in the world passes through nine countries in Africa before it reaches Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. It covers from start to finish a length of 4000 miles, flowing south to north, of which only 900 miles actually go through Egypt. The origins of this legendary […]

Africa on Celluloid: A Historical Perspective

From early experiments in making films which mimetically represented European and even American cinema, African directors evolved – as time wore on – into sensitive filmmakers telling local stories of violence, war and genocide on the silver screen. Anglo-European depictions of African life were overtly racist which not only lacked empathy for the colonised but […]

Travelling the World in NYC: Conversations with Cab Drivers and Other Multi-Cultural Excursions

The interplay of different cultures – read multiculturalism – opens the horizons to a person, who is compassionate and deeply observant. As a Dance/Movement Therapist, nonverbal communication is the soul of communication for Johanna. Here’s an insightful exploration of Ghana, in New York, because of her housekeeper, Rose, and her conversations with cab drivers from […]

tea, salt, and teranga

Not all salt harvesters are held in equal esteem. As in many economically-challenged zones across the world, outside Dakar, in the shallow basin of Senegal’s Lac Rose, salt workers labour under the unrelenting heat of the dry-season sun, earning a pittance compared to the sums received by the package-marketers of the salt they produce.  Children […]

Grace of Black Panther: Spirit, Self and the Shaman in the Mother Continent

It is a source of boundless energy and power that an animal totem like the panther represents. Shamans of the world intuit that secret. Let us journey into the heart of Africa where that elemental vibration of life can be sensed by those who are ready to leave their mundane mind and its humdrum reality […]

The Path through the Forest to Our Soul

There is a forest inside each of us. Just as we are a part of the forest, it is a part of us. The world soul, Anima Mundi, is, according to several systems of thought, an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet, which relates to our world in much the same way […]

Greece Finally Ends its Bailout Phase: Many Questions Remain about Future of Economy

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras proclaimed in an overly extended image that Greece had ended its painful Odyssey of eight years of crisis, against the backdrop of the harbour to which Odysseus is held to have returned after a decade of tortuous voyage. Few in Greece were taken in by the theatrics and self-identification of […]

Eliminating Caste System, Communal Fascism, Patriarchy, and Neo-Liberalism: Does Neo-Dalit Movement Provide an Answer?

Hindu caste system divides the society into social classes or castes. This graded inequality has the sanction of classical Indian religious scriptures. The caste hierarchy dictates the lives of its citizens even today. The tribal, Muslims and the lower castes or untouchable communities face discrimination and severe oppression due to their social status. As a […]