Today is Another Night!

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Life is wondrous! We all deal with pain and losses. We hide feelings. We, like the author, often ponder if it would be possible for us to take the relationship to another level. Would she meet the right man is what she thinks? This is one of the most debatable topics among women these days. A married friend of hers, who has been convincing her to tie the knot, a month back, complains of the burden of marriage. It’s not easy to be single, even in a metropolis, in the 21st century. Here’s a new column, Solitary Ramblings, by Kolkata-based Anindita, beginning this week. She turns the gaze inwards and takes a voyage within, in her introductory conversations with the self, exclusively for Different Truths.     

words shall stay behind when I am gone,
dreams might come true in another’s life
stars will hide and the moon will remain
till the sunrise with a new hope for you…

We all go through pain and loss, the cycle of dreams and ashes. And yet we hide our own feelings from those we want to be with. I have no idea how to take a relationship to the next level and when I sit to think about my future with another human, a man to be precise, I keep thinking if ever I shall meet the right one and live a happy life ever after.

This was the most debatable topic in today’s time when a group of women met to share their experiences of life.

This morning, I went to visit a lady friend of mine, who was about to leave for a tour without her husband. And before leaving she was cooking a week’s meal for him. I was surprised. But, like a good guest, I kept smiling. At the end of the cooking session, she said, how difficult it was to be married. One never considered such a situation. I was quite baffled, since a month back, she had told me how important it was to tie the knot. I looked at her. All she gave me was a smile!

This world is full of such ironies, and again, I sit tonight to think what this life is all about. An age old question that we all keep asking ourselves, looking at those tiny bright stars spread across the dark night sky. No answer has ever been given. However, we keep waking up to new mornings to take our lives to different dimensions. And this cycle continues until a different pattern enters our lives. Yes, our lives have patterns like causal, sampling, analogy, planning and evidence. These patterns define the path that we take in our lives. For instance, something causes something in our lives: a surprise makes us happy, and a result gives us success. Or a few people might influence the majority, like in the cases of politics, education, and entertainment. Also, similar instances are witnessed in different people’s lives. And, of course, we all plan!

Finally, we are encircled and driven around by causalities for the steps taken in our decision making moments. If we notice these patterns closely, then we understand that there are connections among people. And I am thinking aloud, why then can we do not share our feelings with the ones our patterns match the most?


Well, today is another night and there will be more in coming tomorrows. We can think and reach out to make the days more interesting, in case we want to.

©Anindita Bose

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Kolkata-based Anindita Bose is a postgraduate in English from the University of Calcutta. She believes words have immense possibilities to create life out of nothing. Her poems are part of various national and international anthologies. She is a working professional and is actively involved in activities of a poetry group named ‘Rhythm Divine’ of which she is co-founder. She is into short-story writing, script-writing, subtitling, painting and travelling.