How Relevant is Internal Engineering?

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When we talk about internal willingness, the term internal engineering is so relevant here. We want to make our (brain and ) so powerfully driven by internal factors and keep the external at bay. This ideology is available since ages when our and monks preached us. Asmani examines it, exclusively for Different Truths.

One of the most in trend terms today is internal engineering. We all know there is no theory of success, but there is always a path to success. We have read numerous writings on , but at the end, it all dwells to your internal willingness to execute your actions in a way that you follow the right path that leads to success.

When we are talking about internal willingness the term internal engineering is so relevant here. We want to make our internal machines (brain and heart) so powerfully driven by internal factors and keep the external at bay. This ideology is available since ages when our saints and monks preached us. People then practiced it as well and have lived a peaceful life. So what has happened now that it is becoming so difficult to follow that path to find ?

The reason is you are not looking for peace. You are looking for success in materialistic ways. Someone wants to be a successful professional, make it to richest people list, get a house for the family, earn for family and many such goals to achieve and tag its success. I remember in my childhood people use to say we are happy with what we have and increased happiness is in spending time with loved ones. Unfortunately today more happiness is in procuring more than what they have and a constant urge to maintain the .

If you are looking for success, look around you:

  • What you have are you enjoying it?
  • Are you capable of living in future? If not have you lived your present?
  • Do you feel happy with what you have? If you are not happy, then you were unhappy due to the absence of same things in past.
  • Are you spending 20% of the time in a day with your family? Please note not at home but with your family.

 Has something moved to you after asking the above to yourself? If the answer is yes, then you are still alive within. Let that life come on surface live it. Internal engineering is all about living that life which is within you. It is not only about keeping negativity at bay or attracts positivity. It is far beyond. It is like awakening your third eye to see through things with purest of sight.

If you are looking for effective internal engineering you need to first look internal. You need to understand yourself internally. What has made you reach the edge to look for internal engineering? Take a break from your everyday routine, sit with yourself for a day, sit with your family for a day and question yourself what you really need to be happy. And the answer should not contain any of the materialistic aspects. Will your family be happy without you? Is your family currently happy with the quality and quantity of life you’re spending with them? How many social contacts will come to meet you without any reason when you call them? Have you visited anyone in last 12 months without reason just to say hello?

In all the above questions you will find the answer to your internal happiness. The sense of life you want to live more than the life you are living to matchup. One definitely needs money to survive and have a better life for self and family. But to earn that don’t miss the purpose of life. What is the purpose of your life? If you don’t know seek the answer and live that. Don’t be a father getting all facilities to kids without participating in their life. Don’t be a wife supporting family to earn without nurturing the values of life. Kids of such parents are going to be more materialistic and less satisfied. They will only seek more and more and will not be enjoying what they have and when they grow up they will look for lessons in internal engineering or some new fancy terminology with same old lessons.

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