A Slice of Life from my Mornings

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Anumita shares snapshots of her early mornings when her days begin, in this photo essay, exclusively in Different Truths.

It is 4:30 am and my cell phone alarm tune goes off. Eyes closed, I reach for it and silence it. In an automated motion, I swing my feet off the bed. Eyes still closed, I stretch and then open my eyes to figure out the distance of the water bottle on my side table.

My morning and my day had dawned. I am an early riser because of my and now it is more of a habit.

I cherish my mornings. A few stolen of the day, which I can call mine.

Over the years, as my children grew up my morning routines did have few alterations here and there, but the few stolen moments I managed to keep as mine.

Some yoga, few mins of meditation and then a cup of tea.

There are no words to describe the feeling that creeps through my fingers as I wrap them around a cup of hot tea. The slow rise of aroma, woven in the vapours of the hot beverage, infuses my senses. I slowly get ready for the day.

I am sure, there are moms like me, who steal few moments for themselves every morning. Each of us has our own way and of doing so. This is our fuel for the whole day.

I live in the north-western part of the USA. The seasons in this part is very pronounced. So, we get to have all the four seasons. Sunrise changes angles and with it the panorama of the mornings is distinctly different.

My sunroom is my during the warm days and during late fall I bring in all my green babies (potted plants) into the house.

The sunrise and its handiwork in and around my house are often captured by few clicks from my cell phone.

I might be packing for my kiddo when I find a particular leaf of a creeper plant looking photogenic. I let go of the packing and pick up my phone and aim to shoot few shots.

My children are quite used to find their mom doing such crazy things. It does not bother them, well, at least not too much.

I often share my shots on Facebook, and with my very close friends. As the collection has grown, I think, it would be a good time to share them with you all.

Hope you looking at them as much as I enjoyed clicking them.

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©Anumita Chatterjee Roy

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Anumita Chatterjee Roy

Anumita Chatterjee Roy

Anumita Chatterjee Roy is an artist at heart. She has an eye for the unusual. Her naturescapes make her the quintessential Romantic. She paints, is passionate about photography, creates word images in her verses and loves to write. She cooks delicacies and is a foodie. Born in India, she was brought up in several countries. These strengthened the global citizen in her. She now lives in the Columbus, Ohio, with her husband and two sons.
Anumita Chatterjee Roy