Three Reasons Aluminium Panels Being Commonly Preferred for Fencing in African Countries

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Ritambhara tells us the three reasons why aluminium is preferred for fencing in African , in the weekly column, exclusively for .

It is a human instinct to demarcate their boundaries and secure their and one of the simplest ways of securing ones immovable from any external attack is to go for fencing. Fences can be made of bricks, wood, iron or aluminium panels depending upon the ease of availability and the paying capacity. In African countries, for fencing the animal sheds, wood is commonly used, whereas aluminium is preferred for fencing around the . Let’s have a look at the three reasons why aluminium panels are being commonly used for fencing.

# Cost effective and Low Maintenance

 The aluminium panels for fencing prove to be cost-effective in the long run. They are lighter in weight, require no specialised handling and resistant to rusting. This means that they can be easily installed with the assistance of very few people, last longer and save money in the long run.

# Ease of Installation

It is easy to install the aluminium panel as it is in weight and of optimum size (four to six feet in height and nearly six feet in length, which makes it easy to handle). Simply setting poles in the ground with quick-setting concrete and screwing the aluminium panels on these poles once they have attained firmness.

# Looks Good

One can easily change the picket finials of the aluminium fences by simply unscrewing the unwanted ones and replacing them with the newer ones as per their needs. This can’t be easily done in case of the wrought iron fences as they are welded together. 

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