Punish Officials Helping Gaurakshak Dals

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Protection of the Holy Cow is become a political weapon for Hindutwa chauvinists, the living cow against and the dead cow against Dalits. The RSS-’s drive to form illegal Cow Vigilante groups, Gaurakshak Dals, was flayed by . A report.

The UP Committee of CPI (ML) ND criticised RSS-BJP government’s drive to form illegal Cow Vigilante groups, Gaurakshak Dals, to physically attack Muslims and Dalits in the name of cow protection. These are declared goonda gangs of anti-socials, they are a threat to communal harmony and peace and the govt. needs to be vigilant against them, according to a press release.

CPI (ML) has demanded that UP government should (1) immediately ban all Gaurakshak Dals, (2) lodge FIRs against attacks done by Gaurakshak Dals, and (3) file FIRs against officials in whose jurisdiction such attacks occur and no action is taken against the Gaursakshak Dal, it was stressed.

Several such Dals have come up in BJP-ruled states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, MP and Chattisgarh, where they have open protection from district officials. They make false propaganda of transport harass transporters and even to attack even women as in Bhopal, of cow slaughter to attack innocent Muslims, and they charge Dalits with cattle skinning to attack them. Protection of the Holy Cow is become a political weapon for Hindutwa chauvinists, the living cow against Muslims and the dead cow against Dalits, the release added.

Almost in all cases their charges are false, premeditated and mischievous. In Bisada case six months after the arrest of those who killed Mohd Ikhlaq, suddenly the story of cow slaughter and its witness has appeared. In Gujarat in Una, the cow was killed by a tiger and Dalits skinned by Patidars. In all matters, RSS cadres spread venomous hatred to attack the weak and rally the chauvinist elements of the rich, it was informed.

‘Gujarat Gauseva evam Gaurakshak Vikas Board’ of the state government certifies the best Gaurakshak. More than 50 Gaurakshak Dals have launched hundreds of attacks and lodged more than 400 FIRs, but no FIR has been lodged against them for their illegal attacks. gives Rs. 500 for each cow brought to the cow shelters and Rs 2500 for its care to the owner. Owners are become very rich, while the cows are starving, the release reasoned.

These forces organised by RSS – BJP have no respect for the democratic rights of people. They are launching attacks on religious and caste minorities to demoralise them, reduce them to demanding only safety of their lives and preventing them from demanding any development rights. They are fulfilling World Bank sponsored agenda of uprooting the poor from jhuggis (slum hutments) and villages, selling land, minerals, rivers, forests to MNCs and middlemen and building modern facilities for the rich – smart cities, highways, Malls, etc.

CPI (ML) ND is conducting a massive campaign and shall hold protest programs in all areas to raise above demands, according to the press release.

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