Farmers Protest against Demonetisation, call it Anti-people: CPI-ML (ND)

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Modi government’s denibetusation has hit the small and medium shopkeepers are sending away their employees as there are no customers, Kiosks are closing down, rickshaw pullers can’t find work, is rising, and retailers of perishable items like and fruits have no customers. This is not a on black money hoarders, but a carpet bombing on common employments. There is rampant black marketing of small notes and Rs 500 note is operating for Rs 400 and even less. The exploiters have increased usury rates and Modi has increased black marketing and usury. Here’s a report by the CPI-ML (ND).

With placards in hands more than 4000 workers, farmers and small business owners marched in a rally and organised a meeting in Sabji Mandi Ghoorpur, on Thursday (Nov 24) to protest against Modi government’s move to demonetise Rs 500 and 1000 notes stating that it has harmed small businesses, farming and employment in an unprecedented manner, according to a press release of the CPI-ML (ND).

The slogans raised were: “Waive loans of farmers and workers, not Capitalists”, “Ensure govt. procurement of paddy in cash”, “Don’t waive taxes of Capitalists, decrease rates of fertilizers and seeds”, “Recover black money stashed abroad”,  “Answer why limit of Foreign Cash Transfers has been raised”, “Investigate properties, Gold of Rich for Assets more than known Income”, “Publicize list of Bank Defaulters over Rs 100 crores”, “Publicise Secret account holders of Swiss and HSBC bank”, “Stop Black Marketing of Small Notes”, “Waive Old KCC loans, Grant New KCC loans”, etc.

The speakers lamblasted the government particularly the RSS and BJP and the media for propagating that demonetisation is a surgical strike on black money and that the poor should have patience. They said more than 86% currency is in Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and the government has replaced this partially with Rs 2000 which has throttled the small business, retail trade and farm business. MSP for Paddy is Rs 1450, but it is selling for Rs 900 per quintal. Farmers have no money to buy fertiliser and seeds. The government said farmers can withdraw more from their accounts to buy seeds/ fertilizer, BUT it is not even aware that more than 90% farmers are in deep debt, there is no money in the account. Old KCC loans are unpaid, and new KCC loans are not being granted, the release added.

They said that small and medium shopkeepers are sending away their employees as there are no customers, Kiosks are closing down, rickshaw pullers can’t find work, unemployment is rising, and retailers of perishable items like vegetables and fruits have no customers. This is not a surgical strike on black money hoarders, but a carpet bombing on common employments.

The speakers said today there is rampant black marketing of small notes and Rs 500 note is operating for Rs 400 and even less. The exploiters have increased usury rates and Modi has increased black marketing and usury, it was asserted.

They said demonetisation has been done to solve the insolvency problems of the banks. The banks have lost a lot of money due to unpaid loans by big borrowers. Modi govt. refused to waive farmers’ loans despite hail storms and drought. But more than Rs. 114,182 crores of these have been waived, which includes Rs 7000 crores of infamous Vijay Mallya. Apart from this in 2014-15 Rs 5.92 lac crores of taxes of big industry were foregone, pointed out the press release.

Demonetisation hopes to rally deposits of Rs 10 lac crores. Modi government has refused to disclose names of bank defaulters owing more than Rs 100 cr. each to banks. In a very callous manner the government is claiming that the demonetisation is an attack on terrorists and Naxals. Kashmir problem continues for last seven decades and needs a political solution.

Total fake currency in India is one note for every 70 lac notes as per the RBI. How can this solve ‘terrorism’? If fake currency could solve the problem they should have kept better checks to weed it out and moreover Pak can easily print the new notes too. Naxal ‘problem’ relates to peoples’ deprivation, lack of rights, feudal exploitation, foreign exploitation of the country’s wealth, etc. RSS and BJP are making light comments on serious problems to give a fake ‘nationalist’ colour to their demonetisation, it was pointed out, They said it is common knowledge that only common people stand in the queues, not those who have black money stashed. Those people have an alternative method to change notes and most have done so before Nov 8.

They said that of the total black money only 6% is in notes. The rest is in properties and jewellery, which should be traced and evaluated. While in 2011 names of 782 secret foreign account holders had been given to India, even Modi refuses to declare these names. Yearly outgo to foreign accounts from India is estimated to be 5000 crore dollars. Modi government has increased the remittance limit from 75,000 dollars to 2.5 lac dollars, the release informed.

The speakers attacked Modi government for chest thumping for opening three crore accounts in one day. They said today more than 3 crore people are standing in queues in front of banks and they are not able to deliver. They said all steps are to bring good days for MNCs, Big Capitalists, Landlords and middlemen.

Those who spoke included comrades Heeralal, AIKMS Ald President RamKailash, GS Rajkumar Pathik, VP Suresh Nishad, Baboo Nishad, Gurudin Nishad, Kaushambi President Bachilal Nishad, VP Dinesh Patel, GS Phulchand Nishad,  Ramlal Bhartiya, NBS leader Bhimlal and leaders of Rashtriye Apna Dal Lalji Bhagwati and Prabhakar Tiwari, stated the press release.


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