CPIML Protests Babri Demolition, Communal Attacks, Demonetisation, Attacks on Truth

There were a protest by CPIML New Democracy activists in Allahabad, on the occasion of Babri Masjid Demolition, on Tuesday (Dec 6), observed as Communal Harmony Day. They decried the demolition of Babri Mosque, demand an arrest of those responsible, protest war mongering by Modi government and stand up against the widespread ruin of small business and farming by demonetisation. A report.

Hundreds of CPIML New Democracy activists marched from PD Tandon Park to Subhash Chowk, Allahabad, to observe December 6 (Tuesday) as Communal Harmony Day and protest the demolition of Babri Mosque, demand arrest of those responsible, protest war mongering by Modi government and stand up against the widespread ruin of small business and farming by demonetisation, stated a press release of the party.

The activists carried placards and shouted slogans “Send the culprits of Babri Mosque demolition and Muzafarnagar riots to jail,” “Stop repression on people of Kashmir,” “Arrest the guilty officials of riot areas,” “Stop attacks on peoples’ right to protest,” “Release the hidden names of black account holders in HSBC, Swiss Bank and Panama Papers,” “Reveal names of big defaulters of Indian banks,” “Stop communal attacks on Muslims, Dalits, Christians,” “Stop attacks on shopkeepers, farmers by demonetisation,” “Stop attacking small shops to help Shopping Malls,” etc, it was informed.

Addressing the gathering decorated with red flags and banners, state secretary, Com Ashish Mital said that massive repression on people in Kashmir and the government’s frenzied campaign for war with Pakistan along with attacking all moves for peaceful resolution as anti-national and using this for anti-Muslim communal mobilisation in UP is not in the interest of the people of India or for resolving Kashmir problem. By increasing armed conflicts loss of lives of Indian soldiers and Kashmiri people are rising. RSS logic that this has ended stone pelting by Kashmiri youth is to fool people as this is intensifying the dispute. The government is using war mongering to divert attention from its all-round failure to solve unemployment, corruption and rising prices, the release added.

Com  Heeralal criticised Modi led RSS/ BJP’s frenzied assault on Muslims, Christians, Dalits’ reservation and democratic rights and freedom of speech and said that riots occur only because motivated leaders, officials and police help them. He said killing of Bhopal jail ‘escapees’, attacks on Dalits in Una, the Bisada attack were orchestrated by them. The false campaign of displaced Muslims attacking Hindus in Kairana is to rally votes. He demanded that leaders and officials who allow such attacks be sent to jail, as per the press release. Other speakers, Ram Kailash, Raj Kumar,

Other speakers, Ram Kailash, Raj Kumar, Bachilal exposed that demonetisation is harming small shop keepers, farmers and workers, while Modi, RSS, media are conducting a frenzied campaign that this is an attack on the rich and Black Money. Modi has proved to be a strong defender of black money by refusing to declare the 782 names of black account holders of HSBC bank, 600 odd of Swiss bank, of Panama Papers, not disclosing names of Big Bank Loan Defaulters, waiving Rs 1,14,182 crore loans of corporates, not recovering Rs 5,92,000 crores taxes of corporates saving  British company Vodaphone’s tax theft of Rs 21,000 crores, it was informed.

The speakers said that cashless transactions, online marketing, Goods and Services Taxes will all help penetration of MNCs in farming and retail trade.  GST has decreased taxes on all imports including Chinese and has levied equal taxes on small traders and corporates, which will ruin Indian traders.

The gathering was also addressed by OD Singh, Anand Malviya, Asrar Niazi, Saheb Lal Nishad, Advocate, K.K. Roy, Advocate, Prof. A.A. Fatmi, Avinash Mishra (Insurance Employees’ Union) and others.


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