Three Reasons Why Dental Care of Your Dogs is A Prime Requisite

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A loving and caring dog owner would seldom overlook the dental care of their pets. A proper dental care of pets ensures a healthier life and a healthy lifespan, says Ritambhara, in her weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

For all those canine lovers out there, it is important to ensure the oral hygiene of their dogs. A loving and caring dog owner would seldom overlook the dental care of their pets. A proper dental care of pets ensures a healthier life and a healthy lifespan, as much as the humans do. So, make checking of gums, teeth and oral cavity a routine. If the oral hygiene is not maintained, the germs would pass through the mouth to the vital organs of the body and lead to various types of ailments. Well, taking proper dental care of your pet is no Herculean task. All you need to do is to clean the teeth of your pets properly and visit your veterinarian to make sure the teeth, gums and oral cavity of your pet are in good health. 

Below are three reasons why being a responsible owner you should take proper dental care of your pet.

  1. Helps Ward-off Oral Diseases

If the oral hygiene of the pet is not taken care of, it can lead to bad breath, loose teeth, discoloured and inflamed gums, drooling or even tumours or cysts. All these symptoms show up in no time if the teeth of the dog are not brushed regularly, at least once in a week or ten days. Simply, make it a point to brush their teeth and clean their gums over the weekend. If you enjoy the company of your dog, you should take care of its hygiene too. If your dog is healthy, other members of the family too would be healthy as the chances of you and your family members getting infected by the disease your dog is suffering from would increase if your dog is not healthy.

  1.  Helps Avert Tooth Decay 

Can you ever miss brushing your teeth in the morning, if not at night? Well, it’s a big no from all of us. Then, how can we forget to take care of the teeth of our dogs? Without brushing their teeth, you are inviting the plaque and bacteria to set in their mouth, eventually leading to tooth decay, caries, gingivitis, etc. All this would lead to their tooth loss and other digestive problems. By, simply brushing their teeth you can reduce the chances of decay or loss of teeth. 

  1. Eliminates Bad Breath 

Well, who would adore a dog with a bad breath? Certainly, no one would. A dog with bad breath is known to suffer from halitosis. Usually, dogs seldom have great breath. But, proper dental care can at least save your dog from bad breath, teeth and gum infection.

So, be a proud owner and eradicate all the above-mentioned dental problems related to your dog by brushing its teeth regularly and taking it to the veterinarian for regular routine check-ups. 

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