Three Healthy Foods to Help Check Depression

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Ritambhara tells us how food can help fight depression, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

Depression is one of the chronic diseases amounting to increasing suicide rates among the students, men and women alike. Depression dubiously and silently raises the risk of early deaths too. Recent studies reveal stress and anxiety as the prime contributor towards the rising rate of depression among people in all age groups all over the world, and people are succumbing to it sooner than before. Sadly, it goes unnoticed as we hardly learn to take care of our mental health.

A little change in the lifestyle and good eating habits can help relieve anxiety and stress to a great extent. Let’s have a look at the three eating habits (foods) that can help you get rid of depression.

  • Protein-rich Diet

Try to include a lot of proteins in your diet. For vegetarians, soya, lentils, peas, milk products, etc. and for non-vegetarians, lean meat and eggs are highly recommended as these foods contain amino acids (tryptophan in particular) that elevates the mood by helping in the release of serotonin. Apart from this, they are also known to boost alertness. So, get rid of your stress levels, be alert and accomplish more.

  • Carbohydrate-rich Diet

Foods rich in carbohydrates should be encouraged in your diet. Take lots of vitamins and whole grains and of course a big no to the refined flour and junk foods. If your diet doesn’t include rich carbohydrates you are bound to experience anxiety, loss of sleep, nervousness, decreased concentration levels or loss of alertness. It’s advisable to have a balanced diet and regular exercise.

  • Vitamins and Anti-oxidants

It is no wonder that most of us shy away from the green leafy vegetables. People make every possible excuse and try to avoid, only to their disadvantage ignoring the fact that they are rich in anti-oxidants, which are helpful in reducing stress. In addition to dark green leafy vegetables, grapes, berries, cherries, etc. are rich in anti-oxidants and you should incorporate these as well into your diet. Vitamins too should be a part of your diet. Add a natural source of vitamin D in your diet like eggs, milk products, soya milk, etc. as this can help combat mood swings and save you from depression. Sunbath or exposure to the sun before 10 in the morning should be followed as it not only strengthens your bone but also helps you maintain a good mood and feel happy.

The present lifestyle is very demanding. In such a scenario, when people hardly have any time for others, it is our duty to keep ourselves fit and others around us too by encouraging a balanced diet because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

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