Miracle Water: The Benefits of Ginger Water and Cucumber Water – II

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In the second part of the five-part article on miracle water, Anumita tells us of the medicinal and beauty enhancements uses of easy to prepare home remedies, ginger water, and water, in the weekly column, exclusively for .

We all know and value the importance of water in our lives. Other than consuming enough water, it is an absolute requirement for washing and cleansing. In the next three articles, I will be giving two recipes of water each. These waters are infused with either herb, spice, fruit or grains.

Each of these infused waters has their own benefits. Some of them are to be used externally and some can be consumed too. Instead of relying on cosmetics and chemical alternatives, these herbal remedies are very effective. They have a double benefit of being less and easily available.

Try them out for yourself and see how the miracle of waters change your life for the better.

Ginger Water

Ginger is a natural root spice used in many culinary dishes around the world. Ginger has been known for its medicinal value from a long time. Ayurveda has recognised the capacity of ginger roots to help cure various ailments as flu, stomach and mensuration cramps, nausea, common cold, and cough.

To prepare ginger water, boil chopped ginger in water and then let it simmer on low heat. Keep it covered a little. The liquid would reduce a little and would turn darker in color. There would be a strong of ginger. Strain and store in cold place.

Ginger water is great to be used with lemon and honey on face and body parts to reduce dark pigmentation. Rub it in the required area and wash it off after five minutes. Ginger water can be sprayed on hair to maintain growth and reduce split ends. Just boil in few tea leaves in the ginger water. Few drops of Argan oil would enhance the hair growth.

For the consumption for the above-mentioned ailments, just mix a teaspoon of ginger water with few drops of honey. As ginger is a natural immunity booster and has plenty of B6, it helps with cold and flu. Ginger water is a great for gas and bloating.

Cucumber Water

With summer exercising its , dehydration and thirst become a major issue. plenty water is a must for all ages. Plain water sometimes is flat and tasteless. Tea and have too much stimulant caffeine. Carbonated drinks and sweet juices have too much of sugar, which would not be good for the calorie count.

The best option would be to have herbal, fruit or vegetable infused the water. It is a simple thing to do and almost all of us can do it.

Cucumber is a cooling vegetable. Its natural capacity to store water makes it one of the best to alleviate dehydration. For a normal sized pitcher use one medium sized cucumber. Chop and drop it in the pitcher, and cover it with ice. Fill in water and drink from it. When the water is depleted of flavor throw the cucumbers and add a fresh batch.

It is that simple. Cucumber has vitamins A, C, and minerals, which cools from inside and reduces bloating. Its antioxidant properties help to retain cell health and so overall improve the skin. Cucumber is high in pantothenic acid or vitamin B-5, which helps control acne. A hydrated body has a radiant skin.

Those who are trying to lose weight, this water works like a miracle. Loaded with vitamins, cucumber water keeps one well hydrated and the feeling of fullness.

Water is a necessity for all living things, make the best use of it. Keep hydrated, healthy and .

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