The Essential Gypsy: The Journey Continues

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Though we are civilised, the essential gypsy, the forever nomad, lives within each of us. We want to travel to places we have not been. The hunger for voyage and the urge to learn more makes us grow. It’s true  education, something that no classrooms alone can teach. Devika shares this essential need. Here’s a personal account from a traveller.

Why I say ‘essential’ is because somewhere deep down we are all travellers. It’s the inherent to see, experience, enjoy. Journeying through space, moments and time; spiritually, adept, nondescript; any way, any kind!

It’s the spirit of that traveller, which grips one to grab a chunk of that moment. Give in to the urge of being nomadic once more. Just for a few days, months or probably an extended year for the lucky ones.

It’s not about being a social-being; it’s about being free. Freedom to see a different land, see new faces – demographically, geographically and ethnically speaking. One where you get to discover yourself and challenge the person in you!

But, I have to say this; all my travels have been impromptu – at the spur of the moment. No rigorous planning there. Even the lure of hot Kidney bean curry on top of piping-steamed rice by the road side from a shack can instill the thought of embarking on one such trip!

Memories are important, the ones that need to be revived and sometimes revisited. What better way than to go on a trip to do just that.

In India, one lightheartedly says, the Gujaratis (from the state of Gujrat), the Bengalis (from West of Bengal) and the Sardaars (the Sikh Punjabis) are like potatoes – they can be found anywhere on this beautiful Blue Planet! I have a feeling that we have this craving to explore, which takes us on trips like we do. A good friend once said to me, “it’s the very act of travelling; new faces, cultural aspects, nature or for that matter even the curve of a road”, is what tempts her to take on a journey.

For me it’s about liberation and discovering what lies at the other end of the tunnel. The mystery behind the cracked walls, the tiny gardens laced with cherry or apple orchards; the unending path and alleyways. These, at times, seem to take me to a no-man’s land; it’s a pleasure to watch the rivulet bend and disappear round the corner in a jungle. Intrigue; it plays a very important role in my journeys. Most cherished were the ones, which took me on rough trails; where once the roads existed, the same had ceased to exist at the blink of an eye.

A few trips happened as a detour. Some occurred because we were posted for work. Now, when I think of them, I am filled with such bliss.

Time and again we hear of tales, amazing experiences and voyages, the pleasant and some not so happy ones too! Each visit leaves that permanent imprint, some last you a life time, whilst others may be just okay.

Look around us! See the variety of travel options we have now. Starting off with simple leisurely ones to the historical; then we do have eco-tourism (which is a booming business of late) much to nature lovers delight! Religious travels to space tourism (not unattainable any more) too. Adventure sports travel (something which I believe is not for me!). I would much prefer to take on a languid beach affair. Do nothing but to laze, aimlessly wander, bask in the glory of the sun, have gastronomical feasts each day and enjoy a great glass of wine. While the sun goes down, I should be either surrounded by deafening silence or with great music.

Let’s check out the kinds of travel-packages; one is spoilt for choices! You name it: – budgeted, luxurious, minimalistic, transcendental, one can indulge into so much more. There they are, the concierge/ the agents, who are more than willing to sort out the nitty-gritty’s for you. One does get to learn about the past, places with rich cultural and historical backgrounds; a treat to ones senses.

The bucket list is sure a mile long where stunning locations are concerned. Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Moscow/ Russia, France, Italy, Syria, Mongolia, China, Kashmir with landscapes to die for. Venezuela, Kenya, Hawaii and New Zealand, one can go on and on. Morocco, Brazil and Sri Lanka are not to be left out, as well.

Amazing Earth! Amazing attires, incredibly stunning landforms and seascapes; a whole array of cuisines to be relished by the hungry traveler! There are nooks and corners to be strolled across, monuments to be admired. A lifetime seems less for me to go globetrotting. I have often envied the travel-jockeys as I like to term them! They are even paid for travelling!

We live our dreams and fantasies through these trips. Imagine being the Count or the Maharaja, the Prince or the Queen who never saw the day of light. Well, I wouldn’t mind being the chambermaid too! The gorgeous suites and spas await your arrival, catering to all your whims and fancies, making the wait worth-a-while.

Let’s not forget shopping. The gold souks at Dubai, the spice markets of Istanbul and the flashy garments of any make and label at Bangkok and the incredibly beautiful craft of Bali and Indonesia. Oh! There’s so much more, how can one not get a hangover!

I think it would be wise of me to leave the adventure of a different kind untouched, at La-di-da Vegas! It would be kinder to embark on that jeep safari over the stunning undulating sand dunes for a change. Get the belly into a state of jelly and later on watch the belly dancers shimming or the slick Kalbelias in Rajasthan perhaps to soothe ones weary soles! Whatever one desires, is at service. The name of the game is – ‘your wish is at your command’!

So travel, let go, merge and be one with the land. Be in that oomph factor and flaunt it if you’ve got it and do it with flair. Travel like there is no tomorrow! Let not the moment be lost, lose your identity to make it special and make it yours. Dream to journey many such voyages/ cruises/safaris, as and when you please.

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Devika is a freelance writer and a hobbyist- travel photojournalist. She is a die hard foodie, who loves driving to destinations given a choice! She often delves into poetry. Presently she is based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

whenever the urge to become a vagabond strikes hard!