Breathtaking Switzerland: A Perfect Getaway

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The seductive beauty of Switzerland, with snow­clad Alpine mountains, lush green valleys and blue lake is indeed a heaven on earth. Sarika takes us through pristine beauty. Here’s a photo feature from her.

We love travelling and love to explore new places, food, culture and adventures. Last summer, August 2015, we visited a comparatively small landlocked country, in the heart of Europe, which is extraordinarily beautiful. Yes, I am talking about Switzerland. The country is admired for the beauty of its Alpine mountains. Its natural beauty is truly surreal. It’s much larger than life. Few place we visited were:

Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland. The city is famous for Swiss brand watches. The city has more than 50 museums and 100 art galleries. The city also boasts of a number of clubs and a Swiss national museum.

Jungfrau Region is one of the best places on the earth in any season. Once visiting this Alps region was only possible by die­hard traveler, but today, thanks to technology, this part is accessible to all travelers.

Lucerne is a beautiful city. It is prominent for its Chapel Bridge. The city is surrounded by beautiful, lush green mountains and blue lake. It’s one of the popular spots for tourists.

Mt. Pilatus is at 2,120metre. For the tall mountain we took a cable car to reach to the top. It was an incredible journey. From top, the view was breathtaking. Snow clad mountains were amazing.

Interlaken, is a town located between two beautiful lakes, so the name ‘Interlaken’. It is a small but busy city. A beautiful city tucked in a valley. It is a very lively town with lots of shops and restaurants.

Swiss Villages are best throughout the year. The brightly painted roofs top of the houses are usually made of wood. Its narrow lanes are very pretty.

No one can deny the magical images of Switzerland: Alps Mountain, hikes, meadow, lakes, steamers, tiny old villages, cable cars and much more. A marvelous place to explore all season. It’s a wonderful getaway.

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