Music to the Ears, (Un)beatable Indigo, Harry Potter Gamer, Robot Sophia one-up on Saudi Women, Pope Berates Mobile Clad Bishops

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UNESCO recognises Chennai’s rich musical tradition; in a horrendous act Indigo staffers were caught on camera assaulting elderly passenger at IGI terminal Delhi; Niantic Labs, the developer of the once immensely popular Pokémon Go, is now making a Harry Potter AR game; Sophia is Saudi Arabia first robot citizen and during his weekly address in St. Peter’s Square Wednesday, the Pope slammed the use of cell phones during mass. Shail reports on the news that was in the past week, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.  

Music to the Ear

Already known world over

for its appealing, appetising food

Chennai goes global creatively, dude!

Now part of UNESCO Creative Cities Network

for its amazing contribution in the field of music;

incorporating culture, tradition- everything mystic.

Consistently creative in its endeavour,

Chennai city now flaunts an international recognition

a music mission brought to an ultimate fruition.

(Un)beatable Indigo


The next time you have a vendetta

simply board the person on Indigo airline operetta;

the enemy will have just the right place to go.

‘India-Go’ is what literally reads of Indigo,

the infamous airline that beats its passengers,

a unique customer service-

a disservice you just cannot miss!

A cinematic pinning on the ground;

a behaviour erratic, unexpected,

the shocked customer would have found.

Throttling of the neck, dragging on the tarmac

all anti-heroic feats

airline rules insist before you get your seats.

Lucky for media, the whistleblower provided news

that went viral,

sadly he lost his job for providing fodder so spiral.

Harry Potter Gamer


Mixing the real with the imaginary,

a Harry Potter game set to launch

magic in the air

with a mobile app spectral, ghostly and fair.

Harry Potter fans can revel in this supernatural news

‘cos it will take away all your unnatural blues.

‘Fighting legendary beasts,

Taking down enemies’

part of this awesome game

came as predicted after the Pokémon Go game

to bring Harry Potter more fun and fame.

An AR based magical game for the young and old.

Play it fellas, innumerable game treasures sure to unfold.

Robot Sophia one-up on Saudi Women


And you thought that AI was a fantasy?

A fear now, innovative as it may sound and appear

a fast becoming reality

when superficial, inanimate objects

barge into human realistic space

to claim their place

predicting a human doom

created unfortunately by humans themselves

who pride in a technology waiting

to overtake human creation –

by a humanoid nation.

How crazy can it be

when a female robot gets citizenship

by a country that refuses to grant legal status

to children born of mixed race.

Oh! What hypocrisy! What a disgrace!

when human women considered less

than humanoid ones.

No hijab, no male guardian

for this female robot.

What an ugly dot!

Pope Berates Mobile Clad Bishops


Don’t push the Pope against the wall

or else, using the mobile might become a sinful call.

Slamming mobile users by locals, bishops, priests alike

‘Lift up your hearts, not your phones’ he derides.

 ‘Put down those smartphones’ he tells them.

But, are people listening

in a world obsessed with recording events

instead of being part of it;

In a world trapped into celebrating technology

instead of using it to connect;

Disconnecting with themselves, others

instead of enjoying life, the moment?

Does it need the Pope to make us realize

that prayer, mass is for religious fervour

not picture clicking frenzy?

Hasn’t the mobile obsession crossed its limit

for the Pope to ask mankind to keep off limit?

©Shail Raghuvanshi

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