Police and Technologies are the Best Buddies

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Bangalore-based Farheen tells us how technological advancements have helped the police detect crime and nab criminals effectively, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

For the law enforcement agencies then and now, there is a huge difference. Earlier, with almost no devices, equipment and applications to help the police nab the culprits, crime detection was difficult. Search operations that spanned up to months, with no cameras or technology. Police found it difficult in many ways to get to the task.

Gratitude to technology from the police officers from around the world, as the new technologies helping them in a big way that too in a shorter span of time.

Literally, police have many eyes, ears and hands – yes, indeed they have it.

The devices, application, gadgets are helping the police to broaden their gamut of investigation in all spheres.

The day starts and we are on the roads. The first thing we observe is the traffic cops on different roads to smoothen traffic snarls and easy commute. If you flout the rules, you are certainly in for trouble.

How the Forty Fort Police Department recently placed into service two new patrol vehicles that are equipped with automated license plate readers (LPR). So, how interesting is this that the number plates that are identified as the expired ones are caught automatically. When a car zooms past the patrol vehicles, the computer would alert the cops with a sound and the person is caught.

How is this possible? The police use license plate recognition software that helps the cops to know if a registration is suspended or has been listed as belonging to a stolen vehicle.

The police use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and some others to solve the crime and engage the citizens in different ways to inform them about the events, accidents, traffic rules, and other information that needs to be conveyed to the people.

The Bangalore Traffic Police is doing a commendable job by posting information, for people of Bangalore, time to time. Visit this Facebook page to know more: https://www.facebook.com/BangaloreTrafficPolice/

ShotSpotter or other Acoustic Gunshot Locations Systems are the ones to quickly locate the location of a gunshot after shots are fired and then alert police about the gunfire. This helps police to quickly respond to gunfire incidents to make arrests and the system could potentially act as a deterrent to gunfire as the risk of detection increases. Watch this video to learn more about the ShotSpotter.

The police use biometrics for data security and identification. Using biological traits that are unique to an individual, such as fingerprints, retina scans, and DNA to identify individuals – is rapidly increasing among law enforcement domain. They are being used from data security to identify a suspect.

Earlier, the task of using ink, fingerprint cards and analysis by hand, using fingerprints and other biometric data was too time-consuming. But, now this task has become easier. Technology has partnered with police to save time and energy. Now, the police can use handheld devices to instantly identify individuals with a history of criminal records. To learn more about biometrics, watch this video.

Predictive-Analytics Software helps the police to predict where and when the next crime is likely to take place. The technology used by law enforcement to find criminal patterns and behaviors. PredPol’s technology helps police to reduce crime in jurisdictions of all types and sizes, across the U.S. and overseas.

Norcross, GA Police Lt. Bill Grogan says, “We have seen anywhere from 15 to 30 percent in reduction in burglaries and robberies. I don’t care how science fiction or how far there out it is, the proof is in the pudding.”

When technology advances, it helps in enabling the people who are using it. Gone are the days, when tech-savvy policemen were not around. The tech-savvy generation needs more advanced technology to keep an eye on them when they flout rules.

Technology helps police departments to run more efficiently. They use technology to protect and serve their communities.

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