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Bangalore-based Farheen tells us how technology takes away all the drudgery of household works, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

Remember the times you have cringed thinking about investing your time in completing the domestic chores. Also, remember all those lines you uttered when you realised that you will be the one who will end up completing those chores – I wish, I had a robot. I wish I were shopping and the household chores were getting completed by a genie.

It’s true that the time we spend on household chores can easily be spent on other work.

When you were wishing aloud, somewhere, someone was listening to your wishes and all those wishes have been granted.

Yes, you read it right.

All those of you, who have always distanced yourself from ironing your clothes can be happy now. The solution to your ironing clothes has arrived.

Effie – innovative automated ironing machine is a smart machine that can iron up to 12 different items of clothing at any one time.

This most hated chore has become easy because Effie irons and dries clothes, you can add perfume to the water tray that is called a fragrance pod so that your clothes can smell good. Moreover, Effie can be operated using your phone. To understand how Effie works, watch this video:

The good news is that Effie will be available to pre-order from March 2018.

Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming our homes are the daily chores. We have to set aside time for these chores to ensure our homes are free from dust and if we have a pet at home, then their hair needs to be cleaned every day.

Considering that we have limited time in a day, it becomes extremely difficult to attend to these chores. They are time-consuming, tiring and yes, boring.

So, did you pray for the robot vacuums?  Some of the robot vacuums, such as Roomba 880, Neato Botvac 80 and Dyson 360 Eye are the robot vacuums that have been voted the best ones in 2017.

What does a robot vacuum do?

A robotic vacuum cleaner is also called robovac. It is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner that has been programmed to mop and vacuum clean automatically without human intervention. This is possible because it has intelligent programming that makes it work independently and to clean homes independently.

The Neatos and Dysons use “SLAM” navigation technologies to clean the area efficiently and can return to their charging docks and then pick up where they left off if necessary to clean large areas. To understand how robot vacuums work, watch this video:

Hold your breath because another wish of yours has been granted by Panasonic.

Ku, a device on wheels that can navigate its way around your kitchen on its own without bumping into anything in its path because Ku uses LIDAR and depth sensors to go around the place.

Ku is a device that listens to you. You have to call it to get your job done by saying “Hi Ku + what you want. For example, “Hi Ku + please come to the dining table”. Watch more to understand how Ku works:

You wash your clothes using a washing machine. How does folding the laundry yourself sound to you? This innovation helps you to collect as many clothes you can to get folded by Foldimate.

Isn’t it a great help?  Foldimate is a laundry folding machine designed to fold clothes and comes with an optional de-wrinkling solution. Watch this video to understand how Foldimate can help you:

Technology is helping us to get our work done in some cases and in some other cases, you can buy yourself leisure time.

Keep wishing, you never know who is listening to grant your wish.

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Farheen Viquas is a Senior Technical Editor/Writer working in Bangalore, India. She has worked as a Technical Writer/Editor, Mentor/Coach, Language Consultant, Information Tester, English Trainer, and Transcriber. When not at work, she loves to cook, read, write poetry and prose, listen to music, bake cakes, fish keeping, and embroider. She is also a stained-glass enthusiast.