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Dandora Dumpsite is a Bedroom for the Urban Poor in Nairobi

Reading Time: 5 minutesDandora is the biggest dumpsite in Nairobi, an estate littered with dirt and overflowing sewers pouring into the drainage system. For most though, it is the high level of crime, thanks to the jobless youth, who idle in the area, youth who strike fear in residents, even in broad daylight. It is a lifeline for hundreds […]

The Story of the Gumballs

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt’s believed that its invention was accidental by an anonymous German grocer, in New York. Whether this story is true is not known, but there were supposedly vending machines for stick or block-shaped gum as early as 1888. Prof. Ashoka tells us the story of the gumball, in the weekly column. A Different Truths exclusive. […]

Vitamin G – Gift from the Generations Gone: Walk Barefoot, Sleep on the Floor

Reading Time: 3 minutesOur ancestors well understood the miracles of body-earth-universe harmony. We knew that connecting to earth’s natural energy prevents fatigue, chronic pain, regulates stress hormone, enhances good sleep, neutralises cell-damaging molecules, promotes optimal biological rhythms, body reverts faster to relaxed state, builds a strong immune system. All this came naturally to grounded generation by osmosis before […]

The Pain of Childhood Suffering Never Left Charles Dickens: A Psychoanalytical Study – I

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe theme of the Autobiographical Fragment is the child’s expulsion from Eden, a fall from grace into poverty, neglect, shame, and despair. Written more than twenty years after the event, the Autobiographical Fragment poignantly captures the feelings of confusion, disbelief, and helplessness Dickens experienced as a youth. The narration is clearly from a child’s point […]

Protest against Dumping Unprocessed City Waste in Village under Swachh Bharat

Reading Time: 2 minutesAllahabad Nagar Nigam is dumping more than 100 trucks of city waste in Village Baswar, under Chaka Block, without processing and cleaning it. Nagar Nigam pays Rs 600 per tonne for processing and cleaning but the filthy waste is dumped without cleaning. A report for Different Truths. Karchana Committee of AIKMS held a huge public […]

How was Bacteria Discovered?

Reading Time: 4 minutesMicroscopic organisms, bacteria, exist that cannot be seen by the human eye. It was in 1680, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, with no formal education, discovered it. Prof. Ashoka tells us more about this revolutionary finding, in the weekly column. A Different Truths exclusive. Just as Galileo used his telescope to open the human horizon to the […]

The Story of Cocktail Umbrellas

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe cocktail umbrella is believed to have arrived on the tiki bar scene as early as 1932, courtesy Victor J. Bergeron, the irascible one-legged founder of Trader Vic’s in San Francisco. Trader Vic’s is a large San Francisco-based chain of Polynesian-style restaurants. Vic’s served drinks with cocktail umbrellas up until the early 1940s, informs Prof. […]

Malayali Greed has Come Home to Roost: Unprecedented Flood Devastation is Man-Made

Reading Time: 4 minutesIt is no time for a blame game. And yet it may be not be inappropriate to do a reality check. The agonising experience has put the fear of God back into the Malayali mind, which he had long exchanged for material and matter. And God, who had lost his own country to the usurpers, […]

Fear Stalks Rain-Ravaged Kerala: Grim Tale of Death, Destruction

Reading Time: 3 minutesKerala is no stranger to rain havoc and the resultant flood fury. But the ordeal by water the state is undergoing at present has no parallels. The solitary exception, perhaps, is the rain of misery which battered the state 90 years ago. To say that fear and tension stalk the state is perhaps an understatement. […]

Bowlby: Expressions of Loss, Grief, and Anxiety in a Child and Psychoanalysis – IX

Reading Time: 6 minutesBowlby makes the common observation that the psychoanalytic theory of normal development is almost entirely based upon work with adult patients. Obviously, in clinical practice, the psychoanalyst is constantly preoccupied with the understanding of defences that, although once useful for survival, are now obsolete. When these findings are projected back onto the theory of infant […]