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The Story of Cocktail Umbrellas

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe cocktail umbrella is believed to have arrived on the tiki bar scene as early as 1932, courtesy Victor J. Bergeron, the irascible one-legged founder of Trader Vic’s in San Francisco. Trader Vic’s is a large San Francisco-based chain of Polynesian-style restaurants. Vic’s served drinks with cocktail umbrellas up until the early 1940s, informs Prof. […]

Malayali Greed has Come Home to Roost: Unprecedented Flood Devastation is Man-Made

Reading Time: 4 minutesIt is no time for a blame game. And yet it may be not be inappropriate to do a reality check. The agonising experience has put the fear of God back into the Malayali mind, which he had long exchanged for material and matter. And God, who had lost his own country to the usurpers, […]

Fear Stalks Rain-Ravaged Kerala: Grim Tale of Death, Destruction

Reading Time: 3 minutesKerala is no stranger to rain havoc and the resultant flood fury. But the ordeal by water the state is undergoing at present has no parallels. The solitary exception, perhaps, is the rain of misery which battered the state 90 years ago. To say that fear and tension stalk the state is perhaps an understatement. […]

Bowlby: Expressions of Loss, Grief, and Anxiety in a Child and Psychoanalysis – IX

Reading Time: 6 minutesBowlby makes the common observation that the psychoanalytic theory of normal development is almost entirely based upon work with adult patients. Obviously, in clinical practice, the psychoanalyst is constantly preoccupied with the understanding of defences that, although once useful for survival, are now obsolete. When these findings are projected back onto the theory of infant […]

How was the Distance of the Sun Discovered?

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe first accurate calculation of the distance from the earth to the sun, of the size of the solar system, and even of the size of the universe as discovered by Giovanni Cassini, in the year 1672, informs Prop Ashoka, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Our understanding of the universe depends on […]

Dam it, Nature is a Real Rascal: Gods Own Country Goes Underwater

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt’s the speed of the water that’s worrying. One road was washed away. The waters will have to recede to get a correct estimate of the human toll. Kochi faced a Friday evening high-tide threat. Some 10,000 people were in relief camps. The Arabian Sea waited with open mouth. But even an ocean can swallow […]

Bowlby: Normal and Pathological Processes of Mourning in Response to Separation and Loss – VIII

Reading Time: 5 minutesBowlby looks at human loss and distress on two levels: first, the inevitable grief, anger, and despair that result when ties are broken, and second, the ways we organize ourselves to deal with these painful and often conflictual feelings. Just as in his study of affectional ties Bowlby first searched for regularities in the attachment […]

Melting Glaciers, Climate, and Water Quality: Are We Heeding to the Environmental Warnings?

Reading Time: 8 minutesThe link between climate and water quality is perhaps most poignantly illustrated through the lens of coastal and freshwater eutrophication: the delivery of excessive nutrients–nitrogen and phosphorus are typically the most concerning– to water bodies from agricultural production as well as from urbanisation and other human activity. The effects of eutrophication are many, but some […]

The Story of Can Openers

Reading Time: 3 minutesProf. Ashoka tells us about the invention of can openers, whose legacy might be traced back to 1850. He tells us about its evolution, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. By 1822, canned food was available in Britain, France, and the United States. The first cans weighed more than the food they contained […]

Do Not Get Scammed by Fraudulent Scareware Alerts

Reading Time: 6 minutesReetwika, a cyber security expert, tells us how to protect ourselves from Scareware alerts. She gives invaluable tips to protect ourselves from such frauds, in the weekly column. A Different Truths exclusive.  While browsing the internet, have you ever received a popup alert similar to this – “Our antivirus has detected dangerous malware in your […]