Africa on Celluloid: A Historical Perspective

From early experiments in making films which mimetically represented European and even American cinema, African directors evolved – as time wore on – into sensitive filmmakers telling local stories of violence, war and genocide on the silver screen. Anglo-European depictions of African life were overtly racist which not only lacked empathy for the colonised but […]

Media Literacy: A Need for Development of India

There are very few mainstream news channels or news organisations that cover developmental issues with the aim of promoting ‘public service journalism’. Most organisations are lost in their need to retain profits, achieve targets in terms of audience, agenda-setting certain issues and themes which are ‘dominant’ in the political economic structure of the way news […]

Respect Our Basic Human Right: Aretha Franklin

A tribute to the music Diva, Aretha Franklin, who blossomed into a fine acclaimed artiste, but also a Civil Rights advocate, Native Americans’ rights supporter, Women’s rights advocate, varied causes that she supported silently, or through performances, and with money. Rupa profiles the African American icon, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Aretha […]

72 Voices Question the Meaning of Independence

Meena Mishra, a school teacher, and an award-winning author, launched an anthology of poems, articles and stories aptly named “Are We Mere Spectators?” The book, that brings together powerful voices of dissent, uniting 72 individuals from across the globe, is a thought-provoking read, questioning the ideals, value systems, laws, ethical and moral dimensions of a […]

National TV Media Finally Smell Petrichor: Kerala Bracing Up for More Trouble Ahead

Sad commentary on the media. One man’s death counted more than the lives of thousands. Misplaced priority? But who’s gonna tell that to a media sold to an idea, an ideology? Even the left-liberal couldn’t let go the opportunity to drop anchor and RIP Modi with Vajpayee. It was once in a death-time chance! And […]

An Undeclared Emergency: Controlling Media from the 10th Floor

Television and the net media are making news, especially in the context of coverage given to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It has been divulged by a fairly popular TV anchor that the Modi government is monitoring the media from the 10th floor of Soochna Bhavan with a 200-strong team of bureaucrats answering only to I&B Minister […]

Modi-Shah Desperate to Muzzle Free Press before Lok Sabha Poll

The media situation in the country is precarious. At the national level, excepting one or two, most of the leading news channels managements are aligned with the ruling party and on their own, they are touting the policies of the Modi government forgetting the minimum principles of journalism. In some channels, the anchors act as […]

Agenda of Taming Delhi Journalists

The liberal journalist is this regime’s No.2 enemy. And dividing the media is a work in progress. Some have been turned. Others are being targeted. Among the second lot are national English newspapers packed with Lutyen’s Delhi journalists of the “liberal clique”. A probe, for Different Truths. The conservative right in the country values ‘true […]

Disillusions of Worshipping False Gods

Arun Shourie in his journalistic heydays was not like Arnab Goswami. He recognised talent in young journalists and went out of his way to give them a chance. Today, if this column can stand on its two feet, it’s only because long ago Arun Shourie gave a chance. And that he did by just listening […]

Fake News: The Octopus in the Newsroom

The hard fact these days of impact journalism and paid news is that perception managers run newsrooms, not newspersons; and journalists get to become ‘made guys’ when they’re promoted to write columns and peddle motivated opinions. Fake news is the octopus that has invaded the newsroom. A report, for Different Truths. ‘Postcard News’ stands branded […]