How to overcome fear in Yogic Terms

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Fears are our creations. Though a figment of imagination, it’s real. Fear torments and breaks us. Mira, cites the way of the renowned mystic, Sadhguru Yogi, to help us understand how we can overcome and win over fear. The way to being fearless is possible. It’s real too.

Most of us harbor fear in our mind of different kinds. It’s mostly fear of failure that keeps people from fulfilling their dreams. It’s fear that interferes in the daily life and becomes an obstruction in the little things one does. How does one get rid of fear and live a happier and rewarding life? Is there a way to evade fear from stirring in our mind?

Sadhguru Yogi, the founder of Isha Foundation worldwide, has an ideal answer to this. Sadhguru is a Yogi and a profound mystic of our times, a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader. In his opinion you can’t overcome something that does not exist. Fear is something that is created through excessive imagination in the mind. It is like a horror movie you have produced in your mind and to view it, you should not be fearful. There is nothing to fear because you have created this movie in your mind in a thousand different formats and most probably it will never happen. It is most likely that out of the hundred things you fear, ninety-nine might never happen.

Fear is considered something that does not exist and therefore to fight or overcome something that does not exist makes no sense. You can only fight that exists and overcome. One has to just give up that effort of creating the horror movie in mind. As long as you continue to make the horror movies, fear will persist. Try and learn to like your creation. If you don’t like what you have produced, stop producing such movies. Switch over to making different kinds of movies like comedy, love stories, suspense and thriller and see the results.

Give a subtle twist to the same subject that develops fear in your mind; change the pattern and you will experience a different feeling that will exclude fear. It is not necessary that every movie you make in your mind is going to happen but the least you can do is enjoy the movie because you have made it. In reality, the movie you have made may not happen but at least you have enjoyed the movie. If you can’t enjoy what is happening in the world, enjoy what your mind has produced. That much privilege every human being is entitled to. Even if the world is not kind to you, your own mind should be kind to you.

Over a period of time, the changes that you have made will modify your thoughts and your mind will stop to create the horror movies, as a result of which fear will transform into pleasant incidents.


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Mira Pawar is a freelance writer with an extensive writing experience. She worked for Gulf News Paper, Dubai; freelanced for Khaleej Times, Dubai; N Magazine from Hyderabad, India; Hans India News Paper, Hyderabad, India. She has contributed to the Chicken Soup Series and has also written for a book called ‘How the Phoenix