A Special Diwali / The Diyas’ Blessings

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Here are two profound poems by Vatsala. The first poem, A Special Diwali, is her personal voyage. She remembers the demise of her father on this day and also his words asking her to be strong after he has left. The second poem, The Diyas’ Blessings, is a spiritual journey, a prayer to the Light. These verses are part of the special feature on Diwali, for Different Truths.

A Special Diwali
(for my late father)

For me, Diwali means a blend of joy and pain,
But certainly on that day, amidst the gentle Mauritian
breeze I can hear a special refrain

In my heart lingers the memory of my dear father
who passed away on Diwali’s eve
And this makes me rather pensive,
I close my eyes and reflect on life, death
and the impermanence of all physical and mental states

My father taught me to take death philosophically,
Each diya that I light reminds me
of the principles and values that he taught me,
Honesty, truth and fearlessness shine
in the rows of clay lamps confidently

When I see all the brightness around me,
I can’t help but smile softly
And in my mind echo my father’s words
“ After death, life goes on,
So my youngest child, darling daughter
when I’m gone, don’t cry, be strong.”

©Vatsala Radhakeesoon

The Diyas’ Blessings

O burn, burn the lights all-bright!
So lovey is the Diwali night.

The diyas send blissful blessings,
Please ponder on them dear human beings:

“May pure universal love in your heart dwell!
May deep positive thoughts be your mind’s friends!
May true divine knowledge be the path
on which your soul forever travels!
May your life sing the song of eternal enlightenment !”

©Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Born in Mauritus, in1977, Vatsala Radhakeesoon has had a keen interest in poetry writing since a very young age. Her poems have been featured in local and international newspapers, magazines, journals and anthologies. Her first poetry book ‘When Solitude Speaks’ was published in 2013 on the approval of the Ministry of Arts and Culture (Mauritius). She is currently self-employed and continues to write poems in English, French, Kreol and Hindi.