A Night out in Hyderabad during Ramadan

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The razzamatazz and the hustle bustle of the market place, Charminar and adjoining areas, in the old city of Hyderabad, is indeed wondrous! Sarika, who was in the UK for few years, and has made Hyderabad her home presently, was amazed by the sight and sound. Trigger happy, she captures the celebratory mood of the city. A Different Truths exclusive.

Holy Ramadan is observed as a month of fasting for Muslims around the world. One has to visit Hyderabad to enjoy the Ramadan spread. The streets are filled with wide variety of flavoursome food during this month.

One of the gastronomical reason to visit Hyderabad during Ramadan month is Haleem. Customarily Hyderabadi Biryani is world famous, but during this holy month Haleem trumps Biryani.

What is Haleem? A stew of meat, lentils and wheat mixed with spices, ghee, and dry fruits in a unique style of cooking. However it is not a new dish but it acquired huge popularity over last couple of years, credit goes to ‘Pista House’, the brand is now globally known as a the largest Haleem maker.

At present there are more than 500 Haleem makers are there in Hyderabad. And it is estimated that they do business, which is more than 1 billion rupees during Ramadan month.

Besides food, the entire Charminar area and adjoining Laad Bazar is decked up like a dulhan – a newly married bride. It seems Hyderabad never sleeps during Ramadan. So last Friday, I took a trip down to old city Charminar and experienced Ramadan walk at late night. During Ramadan month, this area turns into a most happening place and the festive mood of the people is distinctly realised. One might also experience the night bazaar-market.

The night bazar has a unique characteristic of its own, many shops sell beautiful multicolour bangles, different patterns of jhumkas (dangling ear rings), jewelleries, different size slippers, heady attars, mehndi, colourful dresses, fruits, crockery sets, and different types of savoury and sweet shops lining the streets. This Hyderabad culture makes the Ramadan really unique.

Eid Mubarak!

©Sarika Sarkar Das

A teacher, day dreamer, random experimental cook and some hit and miss photography, and at last love to call myself a full time mother.