Durga: A Fort

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Lily invokes Durga, in verse, who fortifies her devotees, in the , in Different Truths.

O , I bow to thee, bow to thee, bow to thee

A fort, protecting humans from forces of misery and evil

O destroyer of selfishness, , prejudice, anger, ego

The potent side of womanhood believed to be Parvati’s skin


Slipping off to fight the Shumbha and Nishumbha

Fascinating goddess assuming the power of male gods’

Representing the Supreme Being as the energy aspect of Gods

The two-fold personalisation of Brahman, the primeval substance


O Divine Mother, I bow to thee, bow to thee, bow to thee


Pushing Mahishasur to the ground with your left leg,

Grasping his head in one hand, beheading him with your

The Gods bow to you Mother, Creator of The Universe; as do

Sages, heavenly musicians with bodies and horse heads 


Not even , Vishnu or Maheshwar know you fully

Goddess of Wealth for the righteous, harbinger of for the evil

Knowledge, modesty, respect, a source of all, You are Prakrit (nature).


O Divine Mother, I bow to thee, bow to thee, bow to thee.

©Lily Swarn

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Lily Swarn won the Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2016, Global Poet of Peace and Universal Love, Global Icon of Peace from Nigeria, Virtuoso Award and Woman of Substance. A postgraduate in English from Panjab University, she taught at Sacred Heart College, Dalhousie. A gold medallist for Best All-round Student from GCG Chandigarh, she has University Colours for Dramatics. Widely published and interviewed, she authored, A Trellis of Ecstasy and Lilies of the Valley.