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Three Ways to Sustain When the Whole Caboodle Seems to be Going Wrong

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Ritambhara tells us three ways to tide over the many problems of our lives, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Life is no cake walk. The winner emerges to be the one who withstands the gloomiest moments in a bid to emerge as a stronger and contented rendition of them. Here are three ways to help you through the kit and caboodle that seems to be going wrong.

Nothing is permanent in this temporary world

We often get carried away by our circumstances and we forget that nothing is permanent in this temporary world. Everything is a past that holds no meaning. Learn to dwell in your present. Just think of your best possible action that can save you from your present adversity and execute it. Cribbing over the past won’t give any positive results. Life changes every moment. Be ready for the surprises that it brings.

# Embrace the opportunities

Everything happens for our own good. If one door is closed, be open to the opportunities that the next door will bring. If you cling to your past, the door opening in front of you will go unnoticed.

# Small changes make significant differences

Ever wondered how nothing seems to change around us, but everything has changed when we look back. Small changes make significant differences over time. Continue with your little strides and you would surely reach your goal. 

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  1. Dheeraj 9 months ago

    Keep your calm and keep moving…

  2. Ritambhara Upadhyay 9 months ago

    Thanks for your input.

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