Loneliness: The Quintessential Wingman

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The turbulence and turmoil that rages within the forsaken and forlorn person, after a break-up, has been portrayed by Anika, exclusively for Different Truths.

An honest reply to ‘how are things?’ post a much-awaited break-up. 

  1. Loneliness is the quintessential wingman. It’s who I bring to parties when the days are blue. 
  2. Speaking of days, these days I’m the upside of a tragedy, downside of a fortune. Basically always simply okay.
  3. You tend to stop speaking much when there aren’t enough ears to listen to you. And so you learn to revel in the quiet. Dwell in the silence that shrouds the side of you you’ve so violently wished to project. 
  4. On Tuesdays, I go for drives on the expressway. Alone. On Wednesdays, I go to the flea market and buy without ever paying. Why? Because I miss having danger sit on the tip of my tongue while conversing with you. I miss the adrenaline spanning the length and breadth of my body after just one touch. 
  5. My moon rose with your sun. My sun rose with your moon. Long distance taught me that the measure of love was ascertained by the time you spend counting the stars in between. I spent a lot of my time wishing, hoping, and praying for something that eventually dissolved into nothingness. Now, the same dial on my wrist demands to be noticed. Hours flow past, time flies by. Guess who no longer puts up a fight? 
  6. I wonder if it’s alright to want to rebuild burnt bridges, even if they slipped from right under my feet when the tide was high 
  7. I go for a jog down the memory lane, listening to my favourite tunes. I spot a dog and run towards it, my heart brimming with hope and affection.  I reach him, only to get barked at and bitten. His name? Regret. I’ve been bitten 57 times ever since. I still go for jogs. 
  8. Faith is the first step to love. Or is it the last one? Am I tiptoeing on the brink of a void or taking my first step on a journey that ends in the eyes of a lover, in the arms of a friend. 
  9. The oasis has dried. The loo is blowing. And it’s my 34th day alone at the side of this bed. I wonder if I can grow my virginity back. 
  10. My mother says I get into relationships to get out of them and to later write about them. I wonder if that’s true. And love?

Love is now the gorgeous brunette I met at the bar. We lay under the full-bellied moon, with conversations embellished with trinkets that we collected on our journeys so far. She was gorgeous and I was drunk. At the turn of the next day, I woke up to find her gone. With my wallet.

©Anika Ghai

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Anika Ghei is 17 years old and is currently completing her class 12th. She is an avid reader and loves to travel. She enjoys watching spoken word poetry and occasionally attempts to perform these. She wishes to major in English at college next year and hopes to continue writing through it all.