Three Reasons Rice Bran Oil might be Detrimental for Health

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Ritambhara tells us three ill effects, in some patients, which are side effects of using rice bran oil. A Different Truths exclusive.

The oil extracted from the hard-outer brown layer of rice called rice husk or chaff is the rice bran oil. It finds use in medicine such as for lowering cholesterol levels, treating skin rashes, preventing kidney disease or stomach calcium, etc. Nevertheless, it can pose a few ill effects in some patients. Let’s have a look at some of the side effects of using rice bran oil.

#. Indigestion

In some individuals, body takes time to adjust to the bran component of the supplement and as such they face issues such as flatulence and stomach discomfort when they consume rice bran oil.

#. Health Complications

Rice bran oil is known to decrease the blood calcium content in the body. Although it can be good for the prevention of kidney stones, it has adverse effects in terms of osteoporosis (degeneration of bones), difficulty in swallowing, etc.

#. Skin Irritation

Some people use rice bran oil for treatment of dermatitis. It might work for some people, but in certain cases it does the opposite by causing skin irritation, itching or redness as some of the bran oil products might contain straw itch mite.

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