Raja Yoga Meditation: An Inward Journey to keep us Grounded

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Meditation, as we all know, is the journey inwards, a journey of self-discovery, in fact, re-discovery. It is the time taken for quiet reflection and silence. Thus, Raja Yoga meditation is yet another form of meditation that assists you in being grounded, opines Navodita, our yoga expert, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

Last time, we discussed the form of meditation practiced by the Brahmakumaris. Let us discuss that form of meditation in more detail. Meditation, as we all know, is the journey inwards, a journey of self-discovery, in fact, re-discovery. It is the time taken for quiet reflection and silence. Taking some time out to do this enables us to get centred within our own inner self. When we no longer feel grounded, we can feel pushed and pulled in various directions. It is at this point that we start to experience stress and a feeling of being a victim or trapped. Gradually such feelings manifest themselves in the form of an illness or leads to mental, physical and emotional health thrown out of balance.

Thus, Raja Yoga meditation is yet another form of meditation that assists you in being grounded. It is a form of meditation that is accessible to people of all backgrounds. It is a meditation without rituals or tantras and mantras and can be practiced anywhere. Raja Yoga meditation is practiced with open eyes. Spiritual awareness gives you the power to choose good and positive thoughts over those which are negative and wasteful. You begin to respond to situations rather than reacting to them. You live in harmony and create healthier and happier relationships around you. The five steps involved in this form of meditation are- relaxation, concentration, contemplation, realization, and meditation.

Relaxation is about letting go of stress and bringing the mind and the body in a state of calm and peace. There is a need for relaxation of the muscles, relaxation with the breath and building a relaxation connection with the self. Then follows concentration which includes a certain flow of the breath, concentration on a point, concentration on the word ‘peace’, concentration counting backwards. Concentration allows you to use your time wisely and more productively; once you have relaxed, you have to focus on the thoughts you choose to have. Then comes contemplation. Contemplation happens for eternity and always helps you realize the true self. Here you have to contemplate on your core quality and look for the light within. Contemplation is reflecting deeply on yourself, your inner world and your values. When you have crossed these stages of meditation, then comes the realisation that you are one with God and eternity. Realisation is when your understanding and feelings combine and you experience a more profound, more meaningful reality. Finally, you meditate on the source and meditate beyond the self to know the truth about the Cosmos. Meditation is focusing on a thought and remembering your eternal identity and re-awakening a wonderful state of well-being.

Additionally, there is a benefit for the soul which every meditative practice must be able to offer to the practitioner. Meditation is done for the soul and with it for your mind, body and holistic well-being. It is said that personality is not the real you. It is non-physical. The real you is a spirit. Your body, too, belongs to you but is not the real you. A heart transplant recipient who receives a donated organ does not take on the donor’s character. The memorial of the soul is found in the ‘Indian tilak’ or the Buddhist ‘third eye’ located in the centre of the forehead. Although invisible to the eye, a moment’s meditation can re-open an awareness of this energy. The soul energy can keep you going for centuries. This is, therefore, an important part of nurturing and caring for yourself.

A part of caring for yourself includes spending time each day to recharge your energy reserves with meditation. Meditation links you to a source of power beyond yourselves. A lot of people fuel each day with prayer, reflection and affirmations to empower positive change and hope. Therefore the choice is yours to practice.

Life is made of action and reaction – nothing more nothing less. Whatever you practice will bear fruit and show results accordingly. Our universe is a hall of mirrors; each moment a reflection of an earlier scene or interaction; each love, a reflection of self-respect. This means of course that each moment is a unique opportunity to avoid doing anything that will bring you future pain. Instead, you should sow a seed that will bear the sweetest fruit. Law of Karma acts like an echo. If you speak about anyone’s defects or anyone’s mistakes, even if you consider yourself to be sensible and responsible, this wasteful speaking will echo back to you. The powerful law of action says that today if you defame anyone, tomorrow someone else will defame you twice as much.

Since you all want to get ahead in life, it is important to be a good manager. It is time to pack what is not necessary for your life. It has been part of your nature to complicate things. It’s important to keep it simple. If you have anything in abundance and is ‘extra’, you have to make sure you use it in a worthwhile way. You have to realise the importance of this present time. You have to stop the give and take of sorrow and only give and take happiness; this is possible only through the spiritual power.

©Navodita Pande

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