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Neeti, our Fashion Guru, guides us through the maze of the fashion world, the various slangs and terminologies. Here’s her take on Fashion Funda in her weekly column exclusively for Different Truths.

“So tell me, would it be Leg’O Mutton or Tulip? …and would you like to ‘Frog’ the wooden buttons on the Shackett? It would certainly emphasise the Asian look. And I seriously don’t suggest Lampshading as the event demands something much more traditional!”


Umm, did I confuse you? They certainly weren’t talking about the dinner menu there and neither were the buttons going to hop and jump like the frog! And trust me she isn’t going to steal that lampshade by your bedside and walk away with it!

So what was happening here? Well, it’s just a basic conversation in the fashion world where such terms are what we breathe like air and soak up like a sponge!

And trust me, soon everything is going to make sense …just be with me for the next few minutes and this mist of confusion would lift, clearing the path of our walk together, into the fashion world…

Well, Hello everyone! It’s Friday again and here I am. Back with a bang with some fashion terms and slang!

Hope you enjoyed reading through my column last week and getting some basic insights into the psychology of fashion and style! Now that you have entered my world of fashion with its glamour and drama and sleepless nights (Yes, we have those, more on that later!) how can you afford to stay ignorant to the fashion terms? That’s not an option anymore! Nah, that’s not happening!

And if all your life, you have been surrounded by Mathematics formulae (P.S I’m very allergic to them) or maybe its Statistics or Medical terms or managing your home, caught in the rut of daily routine, its high time we change the scene. Bit by bit I’ll walk you through this world with baby steps, unless you are daring enough and want to join me in this roller coaster ride and have some fun!

So fasten your seatbelts and let me tell you a bit about the “It Girl”….No, I’m not grammatically wrong – she does exist and read through this funky piece of poem (of course, penned by me) and then we are getting back to business !

The perfect “It” Girl!

She bleeds fashion! She breathes fashion!

Her ensemble… her second skin

Designer tags and labels are her deadly sin!

Pret-a- porter is for the public it seems

She’s drowning in a luxury of Haute-Couture, with hand-done seams!

Draped in the bias cut she swirls and twirls

In her Avante Garde gown embellished with pearls!

Sometimes she’s a Boho chic, sometimes the look is Grunge

Into the fashion world everyday she takes a deep plunge!

Whatever her mood, she stays away from Passe’

Slumming it ain’t her style, coz she’s someone who’s always Classy!

Her every breath is the fragrance of style

The world swoons on the feet of this Diva, with a killer smile!

So how was the merry-go- round ride with the “It” girl ? I hope your mind isn’t spinning in confusion with the fashion terms which are her DNA?

Well! Worry no more as today I will shed light on few of these terms and will also take you through them and many more in future articles ,and trust me soon, fashion is going to get into your skin (consider yourself warned!)

So here we go!

“It” Girl: The term “It” is used for a person or whatever is on-trend or popular art that time, and can be labelled as “It,” no matter how unusual, niche or simple it is!

Legó mutton sleeve
Legó mutton sleeve

Leg’O mutton: No that’s not part of ingredients of your favourite biryani, but that’s a kind of sleeve! Also known as Gigot or Leg of lamb sleeve in France, this was popular in 1890’s and does keep coming back with time! It is a sleeve that is cut with a very full top that is gathered or pleated into the armhole, then tapers gradually to fit closely at the wrist.

Tulip sleeves
Tulip sleeves

Tulip: Another type of sleeve. It’s very feminine and dainty and inspired from the flower Tulip

Frog: Yes they are a biological species by the scientific name ‘Anura’, but that’s not the

Frog closure
Frog closure

frog I’m talking about! It’s a decorative closure for a garment often used in Chinese influenced designs, which is made from cord or braid. On one side of the area to be closed, a loop is made and on the other, a large, ornamental knot. The knot passes through the loop.

Shackett: It’s nothing but a light weight jacket.

Lampshading: This look has nothing to do with lampshades except the silhouette*


of the upper garment is like a lampshade over its stand! It’s actually all about wearing an oversized cardigan, sweatshirt of top that nearly is mid-thigh length. The person could pair with hot pants or shorts which may not be visible from under the oversized top! One can combine with high boots to give illusion of length!

*Silhouette: This literally means the outline of a garment /product, which emphasises the shape/form. Different silhouettes have been popular in different decades and they have played a very important role too. More on this later.


Ensemble (pronounced as Ón-som): One of the most common terms used in fashion, an ensemble is nothing but a group of items viewed as a whole rather than individually. It could be a dress teamed up with some funky jewellery and a scarf and Jackie-O sunglasses for a ride in your open convertible! Each individual piece completes the look, making a statement.


Enough for the beginning…let’s meet again next week for more on the other terms I have used today and many more Fashion Fundas…

So it’s Au revoir… till we meet again to detangle the maze of fashion terminologies! Hope you enjoyed this ride!

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©Neeti Banga

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