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Eye Makeup Enhances Your Beauty

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Celebrated in poetry and songs, eyes are one of the most important features of your face. A good eye makeup enhances your beauty manifold. You must understand the shape and size of your eyes and its colour before you decide on the eye makeup that’s right for you. Bollywood cine actor, Nyra, give invaluable tips for eye makeup and eye care, in the regular column, exclusively for Different Truths.

In poetry, a woman’s eyes have been described in many ways. I recall Tagore song that talks about ‘Kalo mey r kalo horin chokh’ (a dusky damsel’s dark doe-eyes) – you may watch the video, ‘Krishnakali ami tari boli. Kristina Aguilera’s song ‘Dreamy eyes’ comes to my mind.


Yes, no prizes for guessing it right, we shall discuss eye makeup, this fortnight.

Eye makeup is a topic close to my heart. People love my eyes. They say I have deep eyes and want to swim in them!

Eyes are the most expressive feature of the face. They are the mirrors of your character, mood and health. Also, they are the most decorative feature that you can do a lot with.

There are different shapes and shades of eyes which can be enhanced. My eyes are hazel-coloured and a mix of almond and fish-shaped (meenakshi).

Eye makeup depends a lot on your mood, dress and profession or work place. I’ve always experimented with different colours of kohl, gel-liners and eyeliners. My favourites are electric blue, deep green and wine.

For a day-to- day makeup

When I go for my meetings, I keep my eye makeup extremely simple such as, shading the whole outline of my eye with a brown, golden or copper colour eye shadow. Then putting a darker kohl, either deep black or dark brown on both the lower and upper eye lashes. I use a lighter colour on the upper middle of my eyelids to make my eyes look bigger.

For a more dramatic look

People with smaller eyes can go for brighter eyeshades. People with bigger eyes can go for the dramatic black smoky eyes. Even for a regular outing with friends, movies, etc, you can always have a peach or brown shade eyes depending on your complexion and dab a little bit of glitter right in the centre of the eyelids to make them look luminous and yet not shaded. Also, apply a bit of glitter on the inner corners of the eyes can make your eyes look more spaced out, in case you need it.

Eye Care

To get the sparkle back in tired eyes, I wash them with chilled rose water, which my mother always keeps in the fridge.

Use olive or almond oil to condition and thicken eyelashes.

Also, massage oil around eyes to keep the skin firm with gentle, inward movements.


I usually fill my eyebrows with the shade closest to my hair colour. If you colour your hair, make it closest to the colour of your eyes.

Those who have light coloured eyes/hair, deeper colour kohl enhance the shape of eyes really well and those who have dark colour eyes/hair, lighter kohl add a spunk to your natural beauty.

You may try different colours of mascaras depending on the occasion and the couture.

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