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In this evocative verse, Neelam, puts on a make-up of values, of spiritual satisfaction, for unity of the people. At a time of clashes and divisions, of terrorism and deaths, her resolve is like a prayer in action. Here’s a verse rooted in contemporary realities. As part of the special feature on Diwali, for Different Truths.

Usually, I shudder
At the thought of having to put on make-up –
It’s almost like spraying perfume
On a pretty flower which is His creation;
But this Diwali, I think,
I shall modify my routine
And act differently…
Yes, you’ve heard correctly –
I shall put on a lot of make-up!

I shall cover my hair
With wigs of long flowing silky vivacity,
I shall put on an indigo bindi
Of spiritual satisfaction,
I shall wear the vivid mascara
Of high-spiritedness
With which my eyes shall glow,
I shall colour my lips with sparkle of smile
Which shall twinkle whenever I am down,
I shall do facial on my heart
And all murkiness and gloom shall be plucked out,
My delicate wrists shall exuberate
With the jingling of life
And I shall never hesitate to act,
My ankles shall be adorned
With verve of existence
And I shall dance on the paths of life,
And finally, I shall sprinkle fragrance
Of cheerfulness on my body…

This Diwali,
I hope to mingle bit by bit
With so much vigour, energy and enthusiasm
That we will be but one!

©Neelam Saxena Chandra

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