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Inclusive Management includes everyone on the team to contribute to the plan for accomplishing a task. If it means it’s a small team as small as three members you can do this and even if it means it’s a production line in a factory you can still do this. Preeyan tells us more about it, in the weekly column. A Different Truths exclusive.

Many of us try to manage things by just sheer authority of position and profile. Gone are those days when your boss would come and say “get this done” and walk away and people would sit at their desks and keep punching it in to try and close the task as desired by the boss. Nowadays, the trends have changed thanks to the abundance of available jobs and the increasing size of egos of individuals. We have also started moving away from the social mindset and started becoming individualistic and independent. The industry has to also move the strategy from being authoritative to democratic. We saw this happen in national levels and now this move is starting to happen in every Industry. The socially weak classes such as labour are now becoming strong. Those organisations that have been ensuring worker satisfaction are now the most successful in the world.

In this write-up, I would like to touch upon one such aspect that will help us increase worker satisfaction and how I feel we should implement this in our workplace to bring about productivity and efficiency.

Inclusive management is a term I have coined for what I have practiced ever since I have started my career. It all started with one question I was asked, “If you are to follow only what has been told to you and have to be told what to do at every instance, then why are you here?” A question which sounded like a big burden on me since it was the first time I was doing serious work. It is then you start to collaborate with your colleagues and come up with results and try new things. Then as growth happened so did this habit of collaboration.

What I mean by Inclusive Management is to inculcate the feeling of ownership even with the least ranking person in the team by getting them involved in the strategy and pushing in your thought and idea and coming up with a grand plan for success. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are setting about doing this with your team.

Always include everyone on your team to contribute to the plan for accomplishing a task. If it means it’s a small team as small as three members you can do this and even if it means it’s a production line in a factory you can still do this.

Always make the problem statement clear to the team. It means that you are clear about the purpose and the expectation of the organisation on this. This will help in getting people to open up with the ideas and getting them to accept the task. The more complex the task the more difficult it is to gain acceptance. Please do remember that most of the time our team does not achieve its target because they fail to accept that it can be done. And the fault is completely with the person leading the team and not with those who did not accept the target can be achieved. As a leader, it is important that we are able to create this acceptance of a challenge with our team as this is the only way it will work. Do remember Incentives will not always work. Then the workforce will want some reward even to do their expected task.

Always keep your target in mind and drive the discussion towards the solution you feel that is going to help you achieve the target. It is important that your plan is in place before you even start the discussion as it helps you believe it can be done, remember, you are the most experienced in your team and hence your wisdom will help. And this helps you also get people to accept your point of view as you are making them think about it. This will be a little time consuming, but there is a saying that a woodcutter if given 6 hours to cut down a tree will take three hours sharpening his axe.

Always set achievable goals and take things to step by step, never go for the overdrive till the time you are not setting yourself up at the right gear. Breaking complex issues into simple tasks and working it out in sequence always helps. This is something that I have always been mentioning in my writeups. It has worked in the past and it will work in the future.

Every problem has a solution and every time we face a problem we tend to fail to realize that there is always a third person point of view and the solution is always right in front of you. Hence being Inclusive in your management strategy just helps you get that third person’s point of view that could see the solution that you fail to realise.

Our workplace is getting to be a complex maze of technology, innovation, emotions, egos and individuals that we tend to forget the basics of social life, “United, we stand; divided, we fall”

Have a great weekend and a successful week.


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