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Relax, unwind and give some space for enjoyment. Trust me nothing will change in the time you take a break. You can still take it from where you left so called normalcy and catch up with it. Life is full of opportunities and distractions, opines Preeyan. A Different Truths exclusive.

It’s such a wonderful life. Even at the toughest moments in life, if you look at it, the complexities are so beautiful. It is so well orchestrated that you are not at one level at any given point in time. Each one of us feel it in different ways. In the year that went by, we are so engrossed in today that we don’t even realise that we have gone by a whole year. This feeling is what inspired me to bring this to you.

We are in such a fast-moving phase that this feeling will start to get smaller than we can realise. Its probably because we have filled our life with so many complications that things have started to move fast and the quotient of time available to us will start to feel like its never enough.

Relax, unwind and give some space for enjoyment. Trust me nothing will change in the time you take a break. You can still take it from where you left so-called normalcy and catch up with it. Life is full of opportunities and distractions. Everything that happens is either of it. The opportunities are where you find it positive and you enjoy it and distractions, I refer to those instances which consume a lot of your time and yet not so important and all those situations that generally puts you down and makes you waste time sulking and cribbing.  This is a new year – the first month gone by – we have our jobs and responsibilities at hand, keep it up and ensure that you do justice to what you have in hand. Today should be satisfying if not just motivate yourself by saying “this moment will pass” and then move on.

I have taken a resolution that from this year on I will live for the moment and ensure that I add up to all the memories I will be part of. It is these memories that actually build up your life. Life is all about how you are remembered, be it good or bad. Hence it is my resolution to follow a few basic steps that I feel will make a huge difference going forward.

I will teach something new to people, teaching is a way of reinforcing my beliefs. I will take a small subject and will look at every opportunity I get. A conversation on the phone or a skill you teach someone, only makes you a better person.

I will inspire someone. Inspiration is what we all look for, it is like a dose of positive energy that makes people reenergise. We need it so much, yet we do not realize the importance of how inspiration works for us. We are looking for inspiration in everything.

I will learn something new. Many a time in life we go through lessons that we sometimes fail to realize. It is imperative that we introspect and identify what is the key learning. It is important that you write this down somewhere were you can refer this and see how it can work. Every small lesson in life goes on a piece of document. This will one day be an eye opener. Lessons learnt are not always remembered so learning it over again is not wrong and should not hinder your confidence. Learning is always good. Even a teacher learns before she goes to class the next day and that we call it preparation. Your learnings are the building blocks of your preparation for this subject called life.

Pursue my dream. I will work towards one thing at a time which is part of the larger picture in my life. Without really giving it away, I have a dream of doing something in the next five to 10 years, and I am slowly building things up to be able to realize that dream of mine. Dreams can be unreasonable, but it is up to us to try or give up. At least doing this will help me say that I did try.

I will stay positive. I believe in the laws of attraction. I believe that whatever we wish for and focus our energy on happens. Even simple things. I have been focusing on being able to do something for my mom this year and believe it or not I have been able to do so much that I am proud of myself. Though it is a little too late in life that I am contributing but it is pleasurable and the saying better late than never is apt for my situation.

I will be alive. This is a complex word. Being alive is not mere breathing. Its about being present, being there and being active. This I believe is the most important. Staying like this 365-day in a year is really going to make it a wonderful year. In last month of December, I have already felt the difference this is making to my life.

I wish all my readers a wonderful year ahead. Stay calm and positive.


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