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Importance of Music as a Regular Subject in our Education Curriculum

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An award-winning and internationally acclaimed Sitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Dr. Sanjeeb, tells us about the importance and relevance of music in our education curriculum, exclusively in Different Truths.

Music plays a very significant role in the overall development of a personality especially from childhood through adulthood till old age. 

Sounds that a child hears, even before it is born in a mother’s womb, become part of its mental makeup as it starts ‘relating’  to those sounds as it grows up. 

From our earliest childhood memories, we begin to react, develop, understand, and communicate these, which become an inseparable part of our personality, emotions, and rhythm of life. 

The study of music at a very basic and rudimentary level takes us through a refinement and development of these attributes. 

The earlier a child gets into this and starts becoming aware of it, the better it is for his insights, skills and overall development. 

Group singing of different types of songs right from early classes onwards in schools should be encouraged and as soon as the child is able to handle any instrument he should be given exposure and personal experience in trying his hand at it. The child should be encouraged in choosing to take up a study of what interests him, up to any level, he or she may want to pursue.They should also be given an exposure of listening and seeing some of the great masters in the performance of different types of music and instruments, from an early level, for motivation and inspiration. 

Regular classes of music education and performance should be conducted right till passing out of at least High School and beyond if possible. This will really help the students to build a greater perception in understanding better the world around them and also in their overall development. 

It has generally come to be seen that those with a music education have:

Increased IQ, better language and communication skills, deeper perception, better emotional development, more imagination, better creative skills, and the list goes on… 

Unfortunately, much of our education system today does not recognise or is simply not aware of this. 

Ask some leaders, ministers, politicians to sing some common songs in tune, even the National Anthem, and you will know what I am talking about!  


©Dr. Sanjeeb Sircar

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