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Different Truths Honed the Writer in me in 2017

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Preeyan, an HR professional, began writing a column for this webzine, in 2017. Here he revisits his journey as a writer, in the year gone by, in the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths.

A year has gone by and the onset of a new year, we are looking forward to the best days of our lives. We are looking forward to the New Year with better expectations and looking forward to having a great time ahead. New Years is the time when we all set our making our goals and thinking of resolutions to take, it’s all positive and the key is to sustain this positivity throughout the year.

We may have been through new job interviews, tough phases of our jobs where most of the year has been really pressuring and even made you feel that you may have lost your job. Realising this I started by covering these two aspects for the first 9 weeks of starting up this column. I am not sure how much it may have helped the readers, but the expectation was to get them confident to do what they are doing.

And then I covered a host of other requirements in choosing your career to the last one about getting your act together in terms of understanding if you are doing a mere job or shaping your career. In the year gone by we have spoken about all the aspects of having a job and I have been emphasizing on only one major thing, “being positive”.

Everything in your career is about you are and what defines you. There is nothing you can not teach and nothing you cannot learn. It’s just about applying your mind. You are the only person who is controlling your life. It is not merely luck or your stars. Its all about how you get yourself to do it.

Below are the links to all the write-ups from the last year.

The first subject I covered was about attending interviews. A series of a single subject, the main things that I have expected with the people I interview. A good read and a learning for those who are looking at changing jobs.

The second was a series on what it takes to keep your job. In my experience, most people who have been given a promotion or grow to the next level are most times unable to cope with the pressures of the corporate world and hence the subject.

Next series on the same subject was for the mid-level managers, where they are expected to perform well from the word go, but see that the belt of the treadmill called corporate is running faster than his feet can move. This was aimed at helping those who are in that phase of their career and has been compiled from experiences I have and shared with friends.

My next work was on relationships at your workplace is what actually increases your commitment at work and for the organization you represent, my focus in this write-up was to just encourage my readers to have better relationships with people at the workplace so that they can come out of their shell and develop personally.

My next subject was to cover the importance of being a team player because in today’s world many just completely forget inclusiveness and get selfish which actually affects personal and organisational development.

My column on career choice was an interesting experience for me as it helped me introspect and actually come up with what I thought was my most creative piece till then.

I chose the subject of success as I realised that most of us have exhausted most of our life chasing success and to succeed by yourself there are no shortcuts you can take.

Managing work pressure was an inspiration I got from counselling one of my subordinates on how they should keep things together because when things get out of hand it is important to hold your ground with all strength you have.

Thereafter, I wrote about how leadership is not about the position you are in but the attitude that you display in your workplace, it really helped me become better as well.

Workaholics are everywhere, but I realised that people never really thought about what it really means to be one and most of us have been living in denial and here I was trying to tell myself about it.

The next column I wrote was an inspiration by how people from different backgrounds were working together and how it has changed the face of our lives and creating a new path to the future.

As an inspiration for the Teachers’ Day and I had to write something about the role they played in my life and how significant it had been in creating who I am today.

My article on integrity was because most people do not understand the concept of integrity and end up doing so many things wrong that sometimes they end up losing jobs.

My write-up was on motivation at the workplace, as things can get to become a drag when you are here. And I felt it was important someone wrote about for others to realize.

My next column was titled “mind your language” done on purpose. This was when I had moved to Ethiopia on my new assignment and was from the learning I got from how we behave in a group where we have multilingual people and yet we see our countrymen and we start rattling off in our own language not regarding the people who are part of the conversation who don’t understand what is being said.

Then I wrote about the power of words, an inspiration from a forward I received on WhatsApp from an aunt and it really was inspiring.

My next article was called the concept or realisation because as humans we think we understand but if you dig deep our comprehension is never in sync with what is being told to us completely. And I just tried my best to see how we can align this gap.

Then I penned a column on the path to personal growth, which was basically to make my readers realize that they need to chase their career dream and not merely do a job for the sake of making money.

And this year, I had my first ever cover story, it felt great writing it, because I was experiencing it and it is really amazing to have such memories and write about and share it with people.

I look forward to more things that will inspire me to write. To all my readers I wish you a wonderful New Year 2018 and hopefully many more insightful and inspiring subjects I cover for the benefit of all. Hope you have enjoyed this journey with me.

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Cheers & Happy New Year!

©Preeyan Abraham

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  1. Suchitra Abraham 1 year ago

    Fantastic. We all have a journey that makes learn a lot. Every experience becomes a learning platform… Positive approach makes us learn from such experience.well said. Bravo

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