Don’t be a Prisoner of the Past. Convert sad Memories to Happy ones

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All life events and experiences turn into memories – good, bad and ugly. Each of us possess the power to convert sad and tragic memories into happy ones. The mantra is to move on. Sehar shows us the way in this inspiring write-up.

The clocks keep ticking and slowly days turn into weeks, months and then years. What is left with us are just memories. Have you ever wondered, if one day we stumble upon a vessel similar to the one Dumbledore used to store his memories – what happy, sad, ugly, beautiful memories will we safely put into that vessel? Doesn’t thinking of our brain as a storehouse of memories amaze you? Good, bad, ugly, happy, sad, funny, embarrassing, our mind is a treasure house of experiences, life events and moments that turn into memories.


Some memories leave a tear behind, while some force us into peals of laughter; others leave us introspective or contemplative. But surely these memories play a very important role in our lives. Ever wondered why? Because these memories are like boxes packed in a silent corner of our mind. When unwrapped it lend us reminders and make us think logically, reasonably and prudently.

We often open these boxes on occasions, which are very special to us. Sometimes the emotions that are stirred up by these memories may leave behind a slight heartache or re-open a scar. But the Almighty has endowed His creation with a power that helps them survive. The power is the ability to move on. Ever wondered why even after going through immense tragic events in our lives we are able to move on and lead a normal life? We often use the phrase “…and life goes on” to console ourselves or other humans.

But have you ever pondered what makes us move on?

Yes, it is those wrapped boxes kept in the silent corner of your mind, which provides strength when life seems dark and gloomy. It provides humour on a day when everything seems dull, it acts like a partner, when one feels lonely or desolate. And it acts as a cushion, a pillow, a friend, a mirror, by turns. Memories are curious things! An experience, which made you feel embarrassed may bring a smile on your face years later.

Memories are useful. These help an individual in many different ways. Happy memories may cause negative thoughts to disappear in a jiffy. While sad memories teaches us lessons and help become stronger. Ugly memories act as a mirror and remind us of the scars of the past, but these scars are beautiful, as we are reminded of the things we have survived. So, all memories may be converted into happy ones, because it depends on an individual if he/she wishes to be a prisoner of the past or be a happy person in the present.

Being happy or sad is just a state of mind. We all need to sometimes draw our own sunshine or sketch a pillar we may lean upon or build a mirror, where may see our true selves based on the memories we have. As each year passes by, we tightly seal our memories in packets and store them in the closet of our mind.

But, let’s use these memories and not stack them up to lead a life, which will be happier, much more peaceful and provide us a higher level of satisfaction.

A human who manages to smile even in the darkest moments of his or her life, can definitely be called an achiever.

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Sehar is a communication skills trainer, she has good experience in writing on various issues. She is a blogger, book writer and enthusiastic traveller. A native of Allahabad, she believes in experiencing the small things of life in a big way. Sehar likes to work in groups and learn new things. Her motto is to enjoy life in small packets.