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Celebrate Life and its Beauty

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If we want silence and peace, shutting down the world (read realities) is not the solution. Self-denial is not the answer. Have we ever paused and pondered, why are millions of people lonely? Frequently, one is drowned in sorrows or is ecstatic in joy. Are we living in bi-polar times? Paayol helps us search our souls and find the answer.

“Kendu, Kendu*,” an insistent feminine voice kept on calling out in a shrill voice. “Kendu, open the windows. Do you hear me or not? Such suffocating weather and this boy always keeps the doors and windows of his room shut. Allow a whiff of fresh air to come in. It feels refreshing,” his mother kept on nagging.

It’s a slice of the daily scenario. We may relate to it and even smile at its predictability. But, even the ordinary carries within it possibilities of something extraordinary. If we think about this familiar situation, we might make a striking discovery. Don’t we all have a ‘Kendu’ deep within us? The little boy who has shut off the world outside!

The question is how many windows we shall shut tight to keep out the real world. The world is a ledge, constantly watching over the calm shore, imprinted upon by jubilant waves. The fact is, there is no respite. No escape.

If we are in search of silence and peace, shutting down the world (read realities) is not the solution. Self-denial is not the answer.

We have to find out the answer; pull it out from beneath the earth. We must take the risk to dive deep to extract this pearl of wisdom. Only then do we understand that harmony or disharmony is our own making, a product of our own mind.

How can we keep ourselves away from the harsh realities of the world? The visible world is an extension of ourselves.

There is an ever growing crowd in dispensaries and hospitals. Depression and stress is the echo of the hollowness inside us. The ever-widening chasm among family members is a major contributor to this situation.

Even in this era of hi-tech communication, people feel lonely and isolated. Several decades back we were better off sans all the technology and wi-fi gadgets. The human contact is missing.

Have we ever paused and pondered, why are millions of people lonely? Frequently, one is drowned in sorrows or is ecstatic in joy. Are we living in bi-polar times?

The answer is that it is the way we perceive this life, people and events around us.

Under the star- studded canopy, as I was once idling and enjoying nature’s beauty, it suddenly it hit me that somewhere, someone else is also enjoying the azure blue sky. Perhaps at that very moment one is rejoicing, while another is breathing his last.

May be, in some distant corner of this colossal planet, someone is celebrating a birth or reacting to this incredible life with ordinary, mundane actions like reprimanding, snoring, breaking into laughter or tears.

This is the connectivity that we all seek. Once we realise this, we are never alone. What a miracle! You are a Nano particle of a huge breathing constellation of life!

All our life we struggle every moment to get our due under the Sun. Despite this strife and rat race, suddenly it is so glorious to bask in the grandeur of our nothingness. The eternal joy of spiritual oneness rip our worries and tribulations.

Breathe. Feel alive! This moment is the only time that is guaranteed and other than that all is like our investment of an insurance policy, with little or no scope of encashment.

Being nobody and amounting to nothing is the best connectivity to scare off loneliness. It’s the bird’s eye view of our own life. It’s the mantra to ward off our stress.

*Note: Kendu, name of an ordinary boy

©Paayol Lawaani

Pic sourced by author.

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